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Cath Hakanson


PHONE: 0417 927 291
EMAIL: cath@sexedrescue.com
WEBSITE: www.sexedrescue.com

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Hi there, I’m Cath Hakanson.

I’m a nurse, midwife, clinician, educator, counsellor, therapist, consultant, researcher and author who has been working in the area of sexuality and relationships for over 20 years.

I am also the founder of Sex-Ed Rescue, where I arm parents with the tools, advice and tips to make sex education a normal part of everyday life.

Most importantly though, I am a mother. A mother who wants her daughter to grow up proud to be a woman and to see her fertility (and periods) as a blessing and not a curse.

I’m passionate about strengthening relationships between mothers and daughters. I believe that if you can talk to your daughter about menstruation that she will be able to talk to you about anything!

If you want to know more about me, you can check me out over at my website sexedrescue.com.

Anne Marie Hoyne

Anne-Marie Hoyne


PHONE:        0408 744 572
EMAIL:          connection@coessence.com.au
WEBSITES:  www.coessence.com.au, www.thewomenshearth.com.au

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In my early 20’s, I trained as a Youth Worker because I wanted to assist young people in the huge transition to adulthood, and what I’ve learned over the past 25 years is that becoming an adult is an ongoing process! One that requires us to develop resiliency, to seek support and to celebrate the steps we take along the way. On my own journey, I have experienced profound healing, growth and wellness through yoga, co-counselling, dance therapy, menstrual cycle awareness and radical self-care. I’m blessed with a loving husband and two beautiful children, as well as a vibrant network of extended family and friends.

I have a Diploma in Professional Coaching and currently work in private practice offering a safe, sacred and nurturing space for women who are healing and transforming their lives. Facilitating A Celebration Day for Girls is an important part of my contribution to mothers and daughters in my local community. And it’s great fun too!

I also run a business called The Women’s Hearth in partnership with Penny Champ. Together we offer Red Tent Circles, ceremonies and retreats for women of all ages and stages of life. I love this work and I’m a huge advocate for the power of community-building to make positive and sustainable personal and cultural change in our lives.

Kindelle Pillonel

South West

PHONE: 0424 786 759
EMAIL: info@busseltonholistic.com.au
WEBSITE: www.bussletonholistic.com.au

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