Give her a confident start

with positive period preparation

Are you worried that your daughter may not be ready for puberty and periods?

Many of us missed out on a positive and well informed start to puberty and periods, and have dealt with secrecy and embarrassment for many years. Research has shown that if girls experience a negative approach to their changing body and the menstrual cycle, they can grow up with:

    • embarrassment or disgust about their body 
    • lowered self-confidence when their period starts
    • a reluctance to talk about health or body issues 
    • a lack of useful and positive information
    • compromised self-care and wellbeing. 

To prevent this and provide an alternative Celebration Day for Girls has been carefully crafted to offer a beautiful and fun day for 10-12-year-old girls and their mother/female carer so you can both feel informed, confident and open about her changes.

As well as practical tips and understanding, this workshop is designed to inspire curiosity about, and wonder and appreciation for our bodies. Joining with other girls and women at a Celebration Day for Girls is a great way to support you both at this significant time.

This program was developed in 2000 by Jane Bennett in Central Victoria and we now have over 200 facilitators in 27 countries around the world.

Attending a Celebration Day is a wonderful opportunity for you both to be together in a beautifully supportive environment, while offering girls a positive introduction to understanding and caring for themselves and their maturing body.

We are committed to providing a respectful and inclusive service where all can feel safe, affirmed and celebrated.

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The Chalice Foundation is the not-for-profit social enterprise that governs Celebration Day for Girls and related workshops and training. The Chalice Foundation promotes positive menstrual wellbeing, quality menstrual education and above all, a positive menstrual culture.