Since July 2018 the CDG Marketing Team have been working hard to spread the word and reach of Celebration Day for Girls. Thank you Noura Alfadi, Jane Bennett, Ange Fraser, Mel Jeffcott, Friedel Kunze, Janoel Liddy, Emily Stewart, Bek Popplewell, Alice Tabak, Kathy Milla and Mariana Zavery.


Please use our new CDG Branding and Style Guide for your CDG materials. As this is similar to our previous branding you are welcome to use up your marketing materials before redesigning with these new elements. Big thank you to Mariana Zavery for your skill and dedication – we’re glad you got so passionate about this! And the CDG Marketing Team too for your thoughtful input and enthusiasm.

Download full Branding & Style Guide here


Your own CDG branded materials

Mariana Zavery  and Friedel Kunze  are professional graphic designers who are happy to help prepare your CDG promotion materials, based on the Branding and Style Guide, for special facilitator-sister rates. They can do other stuff too!

Here is Mariana’s CDG Design Pack. Mariana can also translate CDG materials into Spanish. Email: sprout@astralize.com, Phone: ‭(+34) 694 458 198

And here’s Friedel’s CDG Promotion Pack. Friedel can also translate CDG materials into German. Email: friedel.kunze@gmx.de,  Phone: (+44) 771 401 4760‬


CDG_logo_bw pdf

CDG_logo_color pdf




CDG Flyer

Sample of what your flyers could look like. Or you can use this one and make the text changes you wish with Acrobat DC or Acrobat Pro.

And here is a flyer that you can change all parts of. It’s in Word and once you’ve made your changes save it as a pdf.

Word CDG Flyer: changeable

Thanks Mariana and Janoel.


Everyone keeps bookmarks! You can adapt this with your name and contacts along the cream banner on the front. Just move the web address up – better than a business card! Ditto re Acrobat DC or Acrobat Pro.




If a kind soul wishes to gift a place at your CDG to a mother and daughter they can give the lucky recipients this card (after paying you of course!).




These two letterhead options may look pale and stretchy but type your letter, save it as a pdf and Hey Presto! A gorgeous professional letter. Especially useful if you are introducing yourself to schools or community organisations where you’d like to offer CDG. See ‘Letters for Schools and Parents’ in More Resources for sample letters you’re welcome to use as templates.

Letterhead_Green bar

Letterhead_Pink bar

Email signature

This is a sample signature you could adapt with your name …


And here is an un-named one …


Social Media

Please like and share our public Celebration Day for Girls Facebook and Instagram pages frequently, a lot, every time you enter these galaxies. It all helps!

Article template

Here is a great short article about Celebration Day for Girls by Jo MacDonald to inspire you. You can use it as a template to create your own for local newspapers (who are always after articles they don’t have to produce themselves), community sites etc. Thanks Jo CDG article Jo MacDonald

Where did it begin?

This doc gives a neat 1-page summary of where CDG came from. This may be useful in your suite of promotion materials. Where did it begin?

Private Facilitator Pages

CDG Facilitator’s Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/784176818303502/ and

CDG Facilitators UK & Europe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1228673960603236/

If you’re not already on these pages ask 4janebennett@gmail.com or emily@realperiodproject.org respectively, for an invitation. These are great places to go to share your tips, finds, questions, facilitation fears, enthusiasms and joy.  If you do nothing else on social media you may like to consider signing up to the facilitator page/s as they extend the heart-centred CDG spirit and will support your facilitator goals and experience.