As of July 2018 we have a CDG Marketing Team who are working hard to spread the word and reach of Celebration Day for Girls. Thank you Noura Alfadi, Jane Bennett, Ange Fraser, Mel Jeffcott, Friedel Kunze, Janoel Liddy,  Emily Stewart and Mariana Zavery. More to come in 2019.


Please use our new CDG Branding and Style Guide for your CDG materials. As this is similar to our previous branding you are welcome to use up your marketing materials before redesigning with these new elements. Big thank you to Mariana Zavery for your skill and dedication – we’re glad you got so passionate about this! And the CDG Marketing Team too for your thoughtful input and enthusiasm.

Download full Branding & Style Guide here

Mariana Zavery (Spain/Peru) and Friedel Kunze (UK/Germany) are professional graphic designers who are happy to help prepare your CDG promotion materials using the Branding and Style Guide for special facilitator-sister rates. They can do other stuff too!

CDG Promotion

Sample of what your flyers could look like …

Sample bookmarks …

Social Media

Private Facilitator Pages

CDG Facilitator’s Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/784176818303502/ and

CDG Facilitators UK & Europe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1228673960603236/

If you’re not already on these pages ask jane@janebennett.com.au or emilycestewart@gmail.com for an invitation. These are great places to go to share your tips, finds, questions, facilitation fears, enthusiasms and joy.  If you do nothing else on social media you may like to consider signing up to the facilitator page/s as they extend the heartfelt CDG spirit and will support your facilitator goals and experience.