In the beginning …

After experiencing the revelations of learning fertility awareness methods with Francesca Naish in the mid-1980s Jane Bennett began working with her as a Natural Fertility Management counsellor, co-authoring resources and training health professionals. Jane has now worked for several decades as a social worker, writer and educator in the field of fertility awareness and menstrual education.

The first Celebration Day for Girls was created by Jane in 2000 for the years 5 & 6 girls and their mothers at her local school. Word spread and more schools and communities requested this special day. 

Jane then went on to create Cool on the Inside for older teenage girls in 2002, Fathers Celebrating Daughters in 2004 and, with colleagues, the Mense-Ed PD professional development training seminars in 2016. 

After years of extensive travel delivering workshops, Jane began training and licensing selected women to deliver Celebration Day for Girls in 2012.  Since then women have joined the facilitator community from every continent (except Antarctica – not many 10-12-year-olds there!).  In 2017 Jane formed a CDG Leadership Team of champion facilitators who contribute their considerable talents and dedication to training new facilitators, and supporting the dynamic culture of the CDG Facilitator Community.  Collectively the Leadership Team and members of the facilitator community are passionate about the difference this work makes to girls, families and our culture and in a spirit of service offer their time and skills to furthering this work.

Our international CDG Leadership Team now offer training on a regular basis around the world and live online. 

In 2017 Jane founded the Chalice Foundation, a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to menstrual education, wellbeing and positive menstrual culture.

Jane is the author of A Blessing Not a Curse and Girltopia: A World of Real Conversations for Real Girls, and co-author of About Bloody Time: The Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have, Woman Wise Conversation Cards, The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception, The Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit  and The Pill – Are You Sure It’s for You? 

Jane is eternally passionate about nourishing healthy curiosity, best-practice self-care, and supporting menstrual educators keen to transform this experience for women, girls and all menstruators.