Celebration Day for Girls

More than simply a biology lesson, this workshop offers girls a holistic view of their body and the menstrual cycle. Our trained facilitators help girls appreciate the changes of puberty as they enjoy creative group activities, listen to stories, learn about their amazing biology and how to understand and care for themselves.  

Part one: Women’s evening (2 hours): This is time for you to meet your facilitator, hear about what’s going to be covered during the Celebration Day, and reflect on what you’d like for your girl as she goes through puberty and beyond.

Part two: Full day (6 hours): Girls enjoy a morning of craft and other fun activities, followed by mothers/female carers joining in at lunchtime for a shared feast before an afternoon together of storytelling and connection. Learn more

CDG Outreach

Celebration Day for Girls becomes CDG Outreach when the program is run free to participants in communities where families are generally without disposable income for extra-curricular activities. CDG Outreach is also made available to communities by grants, often provided by local government councils under their youth grant initiatives or by peak bodies for groups with specific needs.

CDG Outreach follows the Celebration Day for Girls program closely, with sensitive cultural, ability, vulnerability and environmental adaptions made as needed.

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Fathers Celebrating Daughters 

As the #1 man in a girl’s life, how a father responds to their daughter’s physical and emotional maturation directly impacts how she feels about herself and her body, long term. It’s critical for girls to experience their fathers, or primary male carer, as positive and supportive about their changing shape, show pride in her maturing and share the understanding that getting her period is a normal and healthy part of growing up. With this 2.5 hour workshop, you will learn practical ways to help her feel informed, confident and supported, as well as tips on how to stay connected through her teens. Learn more

Celebration Circle for Girls online 

Can’t find a local workshop? Celebration Circle for Girls is an interactive and carefully designed program, held over 4 sessions for girls and their mother/female carer as part of a live online group. This is a delightful option if you can’t attend in-person, and fun for girls to participate in guided activities, connect with peers (sometimes in far-off lands) while sharing craft, reflections and stories, all with the goal of supporting a positive puberty and menarche experience. Learn more

Facilitator training

In our Celebration Day for Girls workshops we create a relaxed group experience and sense of celebration to help the next generation develop a practical and positive approach to this important and natural part of life. Our facilitators have professional skills in a wide range of areas, but the quality they share is a passion for supporting girls and the mother/daughter bond at this critical time. Learn more 

Foundations of Menstrual Education: PD for your team

How you talk (or don’t talk) about menstruation and menopause can directly affect a student or employee’s mindset; from their body image and sense of self to respect for other people’s menstrual experience.

Research shows that through silence and shame many experiencing menstruation and menopause are distracted and anxious about hiding products and symptoms, and suffer unnecessarily through not understanding what is normal and what isn’t.  

Our workshops and training are designed to increase your team’s confidence in talking about the menstrual experience, with easy processes and tips for creating a supportive approach, and where requested, to take steps toward formalising this in a workplace or organisational policy. Learn more