Celebration Circle For Girls (online)

We are thrilled to announce our new online program, Celebration Circle for Girls (CCfG), now available to all families with internet access. This interactive, relaxed online program, is held over 4 sessions for girls and their mother or female carer, with an online group. This is a delightful option for girls to participate in guided activities, learning together, connecting with peers (sometimes in far-off lands), and sharing craft and storytelling.

Each Celebration Circle for Girls workshop has two facilitators to ensure ample care and attention for each participant.


Program – 4 x 2-hour sessions

Session 1: Mothers/female carers – Overview and your role

Prior to the girl’s only sessions, this is for you to find out more and check in with what you’d like for your daughter/special girl, both during workshop sessions and as she matures. You’ll meet your facilitators and learn about what we cover during CCfG. We provide space for you to reflect on how things are going for your daughter, and look back on your own experience of puberty, including who or what inspired you.

Circle design for Celebration Circle for Girls
Circle Nature design for Celebration Circle for Girls

Sessions 2 and 3: Girls only – Nature’s Cycles and Your Cycles

Using the best online tools to support connection, learning and fun your daughter will participate in craft, games and other activities, while hearing stories and learning about the changes their body will go through during puberty and when they begin to have a menstrual cycle. This includes understanding how to make the most of changes in energy and mood, the practicalities of using and managing menstrual products and a positive approach to practicing informed and effective self-care.

Girls have the opportunity to ask any questions they have about sensitive topics anonymously, though we find as they get to know each other they become more and more comfortable speaking openly. At the beginning of the program we take care to discuss confidentiality, group agreements and to establish a safe and respectful space.


Session 4: Mothers and daughters – Sharing wisdom

Celebration Circle for Girls culminates in a beautiful mother and daughter session, designed to strengthen and deepen bonds as girls traverse the important threshold of puberty and menarche. Girls will hear stories about inspiring women you’ve known, and about the common thread of living with a menstrual cycle as a normal and natural rhythm of life. After several delightful and affirming activities we finish with a simple ceremony to wish girls well on their journey to maturity and support their awareness of the shared and different experiences of girls around the world.

Contact us to book or enquire about a Celebration Circle for Girls workshop in your time zone.