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Kelly Kuijpers

Bonn, Germany (and from July 2021, Breda, Netherlands)

PH: 0049 171 2927817

EMAIL: kelly_kuypers@hotmail.com

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I’ve always loved to work with tweens and teens, first as a qualified secondary school teacher in my home country Holland, where I taught Economics at a high school for 7 years. Now as a life coach in private practice for this age group in Germany (Bonn).

My own experience with menarche was not a great one, I grew up in a warm and loving family but my parents were not really open about discussing these topics with my sister and I. Therefore it felt as though we had to figure out how to deal with it ourselves. For my own two daughters I would like for them to feel that it is okay to feel insecure in the beginning and that we will support them.

When I heard from an Australian friend of mine that she had done a Celebration Day for Girls in Melbourne I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the program that I immediately checked if anyone was running this in Germany. I really wanted to participate with my oldest daughter. There was no opportunity here (yet), but having looked around on the website I got so excited that I trained with Jane Bennett to became a facilitator in my own right.

I am delighted to now be offering Celebration Day for Girls in both English and in Dutch.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to educate and support young girls in preparation for their menarche and to help them feel more connected with other women of all ages. I look forward to meeting you and your daughter.

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Friederike Kunze

Berlin, Germany

Totnes, Devon, UK


EMAIL: friedel@peace-patterns.com

WEBSITE: www.peace-patterns.com

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I was born in Dresden, a picturesque town in eastern Germany but have ever since lived in various places, including Portugal, Brazil and New Zealand, and have travelled and volunteered around the world.

Growing up I was an adventurous girl with a vivid imagination, I loved to craft, learn new things and spend time in nature. Originally I was educated in Architecture, the arts and stage design (Master Degree) in Berlin and Düsseldorf, but I changed carrer paths in 2012 to further study Elemental Yoga, Mindfullness, Meditation and other philosophies and holistic approaches in Spain, Thailand, India and Australia. As a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Abdominal Massage Therapist my specific passion lies in movement and empowering people through the means of their own body‘s wisdom. In the last few years my project „Yogabem“ became more and more about teaching women how to practice Yoga and Meditation in tune with their monthly cycles and nature, and support themselves through self care and nourishing vegan/vegetarian food. I run creativity, cooking and movement workshops with kids and adults. Living out my passion of collecting stories, I started a blog interviewing people that inspire me – especially women. The latest project is a podcast called „Magnificent Mermaids“ that introduces „women who make things happen“. I think this is important because women‘ s stories, projects and ideas are neglected in our culture. There is a lack of positive female role models for girls which I am seeking to change.

Learning about my own cycle and the cycles in nature has showed me so much about myself, gave me strenght and acceptance of who I am and made me the person that I am now. Growing up as a girl there was a lot of confusion around my body image. In the post-socialist culture the experience of „not talking about things“ really shaped my experience as a young girl negatively – now I want to talk openly about everything. I believe an open and shameless communication can only benefit our relationships with kids, parters and ultimately everyone else. 

When running A Celebration Days for Girls I experience the immense joy of inspiring in girls a positive body image, emotional resilience and a growing self-esteem and therefore freedom of expression. I am inspired to do this work by the girls and many strong women that surrounded me near and far. I believe that creating safe spaces for women and girls holds a big potential : as we give time to touch and inspire another, to feel connected and learn together, and step by step grow stronger – individiually and as a society. 

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