Saudi Arabia


Noura Alfadl


London, UK

PHONE: 07554872788
EMAIL: noura(at)noorishwellness(dot)com

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I am a certified yoga teacher and a mother of three beautiful and feisty girls.  Based in West London,  my journey into yoga and wellbeing has given me a unique understanding of what it means to be in a healthy relationship with your body. I have a particular interest in women’s wellness and in supporting women through the different stages of their lives. I’m a Red Tent Apprentice and am trained in Menstrual Cycle Awareness.  My approach to yoga encourages women to learn about their bodies, find their own rhythm and create a balanced practice that nourishes the body and enhances the mind.

Through this experience I know how important it is for young girls to have a positive view of their changing bodies and how this can have a great effect on their health and emotional wellbeing. I run Celebration Day for Girls workshops for mothers and daughters to share with them the wisdom of their bodies.

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