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Tracy Botica

Aoteraoa: Te Ika-a-Māui & Te Waipounamu

PHONE: 02 1224 3229
EMAIL: tracybotica@gmail.com

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I have had the privilege of working as a midwife and supporting women through the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Through this work, I see the value of women being connected to, and positive about, their feminine power.

As my own daughters approached puberty, I began to contemplate how best I could nurture them through this transition. This search lead me to A Celebration Day For Girls. One of the many things I value about this program is that as well as supporting each girl’s personal transition around menarche, it also promotes a sense of sisterhood by being a group process. When young girls are able to enter this phase with understanding, positivity and connection, things look good for them and their world.

I am currently journeying through our beautiful country with my partner and two daughters, so I am excited to be able to bring Celebration Day For Girls to different parts of New Zealand.  Please contact me to discuss whether I am able to offer a Celebration Day for Girls in your area.

Robyn Fausett

Aoteraoa: Auckland

EMAIL: info@nestconsulting.co.nz
WEBSITE: www.nestconsulting.co.nz
PHONE: 0064 9 835 0985 / 0064 21 101 6204

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Kia ora! I live on the rugged west coast of Auckland in beautiful New Zealand.

I am a practising fertility and research nurse (RGN), an accredited educator through Natural Fertility New Zealand (NFNZ) and an EDEN trained facilitator of the ‘Nourish’ body image/media awareness programme. Through my company, Nest Consulting, I have created a range of sexuality health and well-being programmes including topics such as: puberty, body talk (body image, self esteem, body wonderment, media influences and self awareness) and the responsibilities around fertility and sexual health. Nest Consulting’s programmes are delivered in a number of schools and in addition I provide information to health care professionals (CME) and give talks at community groups. I also teach women and couples the modern and effective Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning: either for conception / fertility check or to avoid conception. My vision is ‘To enhance awareness, appreciation and knowledge of our bodies, achieving empowerment, informed choices and acceptance through education and understanding’. I have a passion for teaching and facilitation, particularly in the area of female health and am delighted to offer the opportunity of ‘A Celebration Day for Girls’ to kiwi girls and their mother/caregiver.

Angela Fraser

Aoteraoa: Te Ika-a-Māui & Te Waipounamu

EMAIL: angelafrasernz@gmail.com
WEBSITE: https://angelafraser.nz/
PHONE: 021 2022 792

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He mihi nui kia koe

Ko Angela ahau.  I am originally from Te Tihi-o-Maru/Timaru, but now reside in Taranaki, and have been an Occupational Therapist since 2001.

I offer both A Celebration Day for Girls and Fathers Celebrating Girls workshops throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand, and will travel to where you would like to hold the workshop.

I am also the co-founder of Chalice Foundation New Zealand, a charitable organisation with the mission of creating positive menstrual culture throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand through quality education for all menstruators and their surrounding communities.

To facilitate A Celebration Day for Girls is a great honour.  I am passionate about respectfully celebrating a girl’s journey, preparing her for the next life stage and positively shaping her attitudes and beliefs about herself and her sense of connection to the world around her.  I believe this ultimately may lead her to healthier relationships and making positive life choices in her teenage years.

As a Mother of four children I appreciate the demands on our time as Mums.  It gives me all the more appreciation for those who are willing to pause and connect with their daughters at the significant life transition time of menarche.

Outside of work I enjoy walking on the beach, reading a book, and being in the company of good friends, fine coffee and much laughter.

I look forward to connecting with you in order to empower the young women of our future together.

Hei kona mai me ngā mihi.

Alice Tabak

Te Waipounamu

Phone: 0273 674 926‬
Email: cdg.alicetabak@gmail.com

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I am passionate about bringing more ceremony into our busy contemporary lives. As my own girls approached puberty I was very keen to find something that would dignify this time and celebrate it, so when I found Celebration Day for Girls I was elated!

I have lived and worked in many countries and have always found power and support in women coming together especially in the forum of health and self betterment.

When looking into the history of how women have shared this time of transition I feel a responsibility and excitement to reinstate or normalise this wisdom being passed on, I believe it would so benefit our girls today.

My husband, three children and I live in Opawa, Christchurch. I love this area for its close proximity to the beach, city and Port hills. It has a tight community, farmers market and lots of mature trees. I work within the hospitality industry and care for the elderly. I enjoy walks, yoga, satsang and boxing. One of my favourite things to do is cook at my bench with my music on and no deadlines or recipe.

I look forward to celebrating your girls with you.

Amber Taylor

Aoteraoa: Papamoa

Phone: 0273 888 789 or 07 5722 214
Email: amberjanine@yahoo.com

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I have worked with children for most of my adult life because they’re interesting, real and fun. Since having a daughter I’ve become more and more interested in the pressures placed on girls and women in our society. There are so many. I’m very excited and passionate about Celebration Day for Girls because it tackles these pressures in such a simple way. Empowering girls before and for puberty, and for their monthly cycles, seems to cover it all. If girls are prepared for the wonder of their entrance into womanhood (menarche) and have the words required, the ability to form the questions that they need answered and the women to ask these questions of, I believe that they are given a great start towards an empowered life.

My family (husband and daughter) and I live Papamoa. I love surfing, growing vegetables, yoga, walking, reading, surf lifesaving, the sea and spending time with my friends and family.

I originally trained in Marine Science, have been a Primary School Teacher (ten years NZ and abroad), have lead seminar style workshops and am currently a Home Educator for preschool children.

I look forward to meeting you and your daughters and sharing a wonderful Celebration Day together.

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