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Patricia Kennedy-Lemos

Lisbon, West Coast

PHONE: +351 964 631 670
EMAIL: patricia(at)circuloperfeito(dot)com

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I am a qualified and practicing Hypnotherapist, and within this role I’m especially passionate about working with women with the Fertile Body Method, and as a Fertility Coach and Menstrual Educator.

I am very pleased to now be offering A Celebration Day for Girls in Portugal to support girls and their mothers during this very important and foundational transition.

I live in the beautiful Cascais area of Lisbon, and am inspired every day by my mother and my daughter, and the women I work with.

Friedel Fink

Lisbon, West Coast

Totnes, Devon, UK

Berlin, Germany

EMAIL: hello(at)big-sis(dot)co

WEBSITE: https://big-sis.co

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I am a Holistic Health Educator specialising in women’ s health, also practices as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Abdominal Massage Body Worker. Through my interdisciplinary background, rooted in the arts, education and interactive community projects, I am passionate in finding creative and accessible ways that inspire a positive body image, emotional resilience and a growing self-esteem cross culturally.

Learning about my own cycle and the cycles in nature has shown me so much about myself, gave me strength and acceptance of who I am and made me the person that I am now. I believe an open and shameless communication can only benefit our relationships with kids, partners and ultimately everyone else.

I co-founded Big Sis CIC in 2020, a UK based wellbeing platform developing girl empowerment initiatives supporting girls 8-12 and their immediate support networks. I also advocate for menstrual empowerment projects worldwide.

I also offer Celebration Circle for Girls (online.)

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