Jane Bennett.

Founder of Celebration Day for Girls. Australia

PH: +613 54743213
EMAIL: jane@janebennett.com.au
WEBSITE: www.janebennett.com.au

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I began my professional life as a social worker and after experiencing the revelations of charting my menstrual cycle in the mid-eighties I pursued a career counselling, teaching and writing for Natural Fertility Management. In 2000 I designed and ran the first Celebration Day for Girls, and in 2012 I began training facilitators internationally to run this programme. I am deeply honoured to have shared this special occasion with so many mothers and daughters over the years and now to be assisting an exceptional group of women to run this programme in their own communities and countries. I am the author of A Blessing Not a Curse (2002) and Girltopia (2010) and co-author of The Natural Fertility Management Kits for Contraception and Conception (2004) with Francesca Naish and The Pill: Are You Sure It’s For You? (2008) with Alexandra Pope.I have also created the Fathers Celebrating Daughters and Cool on the Inside  workshops and am happy to run these in your community.

Victoria Salinas


PH: +593 99 731 8530
EMAIL: vkosalinas@gmail.com

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Crecí en un país (Ecuador) donde la educación siempre fue dirigida en habilidades para la "vida” pero nunca se enseñó sobre la
importancia de tener una conexión con nuestra esencia femenina y la importancia que tiene.
Tengo 7 sobrinas las que me han inspirado a capacitarme y poder impartir talleres del Día de Celebración para Niñas, para que ellas y
de igual manera muchas más niñas puedan desarrollarse felices con su ciclo menstrual y su naturaleza femenina.

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