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Daniela Dolce

Macau, China



PH: +853 6881 3937

EMAIL: dvd27(at)hotmail(dot)com

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More to come soon.

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Valentina Thayer

Macau, China, also Amsterdam, The Netherlands



EMAIL: valentina.thayer(at)gmail(dot)com

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I love sharing about the wonders of our cyclical body and how it mirrors nature’s cycles.  I do this through hosting Celebration Day for Girls workshops, public speaking for teenagers at schools, and throughone-to-one health coaching through my company Macau Moons.

I am the second of four sisters, I speak Chinese, English and Spanish fluently. I also have two cats, love to draw and bake sourdough bread.

My dream is for more girls to love and appreciate their cyclical body, and learn to thrive with it. And to support mums with ways to create a positive menstrual culture for their daughters.

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