Brigitte Laurent


PHONE : 33 603 837 930
EMAIL : terresdefemmes@outlook.fr
WEBSITE : www.terres-de-femmes.fr

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I began my professional life as an engineer. After having three children, I became a psychotherapist, with a specialization in clinical psychology for children and teenagers. At the same time, I worked as a trainer and a coach, for individuals and teams in the medical world.

Since 2003 I have offered adult sessions: individual and group, as well as sessions for children, teenagers, couples and families. I have created a psychotherapeutic women’s circle, Women’s Lands, and have developed workshops about puberty, menstruation, sexuality, menopause, and all the thresholds of women’s life.

As a girl I had to find my way to femininity alone. As a psychotherapist, I see the same lack of transmission and all the suffering that arises from that. Becoming a woman, being proud of being a woman, is for many a long and hard journey. Most women live their menstruation with unawareness, shame or pain. So it’s important to act before, or around the time of, menarche, to give girls a positive vision of femininity and to support the quickening of the mother/daughter relationship.

After training with Jane Bennett I am now excited to be introducing A Celebration Day for Girls to mothers and daughters in France.

I also facilitate the companion workshop Fathers Celebrating Daughters.

Esther Lyttle

France: Marsailles

PHONE : +32 489 00 16 63
EMAIL : Estherl@hotmail.co.uk

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Victoria Dufour


Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

PHONE : +44 784 101 2740
EMAIL : dufourvictoria@hotmail.com

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I’m Victoria, based in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. One day, I attended a Women’s Circle where I encountered the wonder of Menstrual Cycle Awareness. I followed this initiation by attending the Women’s Quest training with Alexandra Pope. During that time I explored my own menarche story and became aware of the importance and potency of this time in a girl’s life. This led me to attend the Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training with Jane Bennett.

Having reconnected with the nature of womanhood, my own nature, I was curious to reconnect with Nature as the container of all life. To help me in this quest I trained as a Forest School leader and am a follower of Jon Young and Looby McNamara’s work on ‘Deep Nature Connection’ and ‘Activating Cultural Emergence’.

These combined trainings are my container for running Celebration Day for Girls – being in mind and heart and with the intention for girls to create a memory that will support their life, and help create an experience where their own nature is celebrated.

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