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Shortly after I was introduced to Menstrual Cycle Awareness, inspired by all it had brought me, I started sharing this newly discovered wisdom with women around me, first in person, later on in workshops and webinars. The reaction was always the same: “Why did we not learn this before?”

Over time this question turned into: “What can I do to spread the positive experience of the cycle to young girls?” and the answer was provided when I came across Jane Bennett’s work in 2019: The Celebration Day for Girls.

Jane’s question on her website: “What does it mean to be a woman in this world today” is one that I had been asking myself. I have dedicated my life to the ideals of self-realisation and universal welfare, with a focus on empowerment and wellbeing of women and as I worked in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and since 2016, South America, I have been blessed to see the common experiences we share as women, regardless of our circumstances and cultures.

However, in my work and in what I observed around me, there had been a missing link with young girls on their journey to womanhood. For me, the Celebration Day fills that gap and I am both honoured and humbled to play a small part in that journey.

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