Amy Cook


EMAIL: amycook.she@gmail.com

PHONE: 0437 377 949

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Over the years, I have come to understand the need to have a supportive community, connecting with like-minded women, who have inspired and empowered me to step into my light and follow my passion. As a Youth Mentor I working closely with young girls with an all-consuming desire to help them achieve self-awareness and inner confidence, building connections, uplifting and supporting one another. I have a contagious enthusiasm to engage and empower young girls to discover their superpowers and use them for good in the world.

Through A Celebration Day for Girls I work to create a safe space to open conversations around what can often be an uncomfortable or difficult subject, and establish a positive approach to womanhood centred on love and support for one another. I have always been passionate about positive relationships and the importance open communication has on compassion and understanding of others.

Understanding our bodies and sharing the awe-inspiring process we go through each month has presented itself to me in a number of ways. Through recent experiences in my Youth Mentor role, I am aware of Mums having a negative focus on the difficulties of their relationship with their ‘hormonal’ daughter, while seeing no reason to celebrate the wonder of becoming a woman. I want to shift perceptions and create opportunities for Mothers and Daughters to unite and feel empowered recognising the wonderful process of menstruation, nurturing each other and surrounding one another with love.

My mum gave me my talk on Periods, Breasts and Hairy body bits. She was loving, respectful and open when she taught me. I was 10 when I got my first period and one of the first girls in my grade. I remember not all of them were very nice about it but I remember my mum explaining that not all of them had the same understanding. This was really powerful and always stuck with me, sometimes we don’t all get the same message.

All my interactions (with teachers, aunts and close girlfriends) over the years with my changing body were always really positive. Even when I was 19 years old and diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and was confused, overweight, hairy and hormonal I was shown unconditional love. It allowed me to have a positive self-image and a healthy self-esteem. I know this isn’t always the case for everybody else.

In my workshops I am known as someone who is friendly, approachable and trustworthy. I enjoy getting to know people, listening to their stories and creating respectful relationships, encouraging positivity and a sense of empowerment.

Lisa Jenkins

Sunshine Coast

PHONE: 0428 510 032
EMAIL: jestarmoon@gmail.com

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I have long had a fascination for natural health and wellbeing and after my initial training have been practicing as a natural therapist since 2001, working with individuals and facilitating popular workshops. My fields of practice include Clairvoyance, Reiki (master) and Flower essences and Native American inspired crafts and teachings. I enjoy providing tools to help others develop an awareness of their own wellbeing and ability to heal.

I am passionate about A Celebration Days for Girls and proud to be offering this valuable program for girls and their mothers. I love reading, making stuff, travelling and enjoying a great coffee. I also love to hang out with my husband and two children and am currently trying to master the art of gluten free cooking!

Sherilyn Palmer

Sunshine Coast

PHONE: 07 5438 1142
MOBILE: 0407 650 608
EMAIL: sherilyn.palmer@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: www.theperceptivewoman.com.au

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I am a fertility nurse specialist, midwife, health counsellor and mother of two energetic boys. After becoming a teacher in natural fertility education I began The Perceptive Woman – a specialized service for women, mothers and daughters seeking a positive approach for managing their reproductive health and menstrual wellbeing.

Working with women having difficulties conceiving has become a powerful motivation for me to offer education to women, mothers, young girls and teenagers to support their journey to developing a knowledgeable and beautiful relationship with their bodies.  A Celebration Day for Girls is a just one of the many wonderful ways to achieve this and I relish the opportunity to bring awareness of this important topic to mothers and daughters in my community and beyond.

In my spare time I love to cook – mostly vegetarian and gluten free food from seasonal produce gathered from my local farmers’ markets and when time permits I enjoy capturing my kitchen creations on camera and sharing these on my blog as part of The Perceptive Woman.

I also offers Cool on the Inside workshops.

Amanda Rootsey

Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

EMAIL: amanda@shinefromwithin.com.au

WEBSITE: www.shinefromwithin.com.au

PHONE: 0430035740

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I’m a life coach, youth mentor and gentle guide working with teen and tween girls through my business Shine From Within.   I’ve been teaching and presenting to teen girls since I was a teen myself and have supported hundreds of young girls since launching my holistic training school, Shine From Within, on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia in 2012.  I run week-long programs for teen and tween girls, mother-daughter retreats, school-based workshops, an online youth mentor training for adults and offer one-on-one mentoring.

I’ve got qualifications in life coaching, business, positive body image and eating disorder prevention and wellness.  I’m currently completing a Certificate in Young People’s Mental Health and Technology as well (and no doubt I’ll sign up to another course as soon as that one’s complete!).

I started Shine From Within when I realised that a new type of personal development school was needed, one that addressed modern issues that teen girls face today while retaining some of the etiquette and values of traditional deportment programs.  A school that was holistic, compassionate and nurturing.  One that combined practical classes in natural skincare, make up, style, job interview skills and money matters with classes to nourish the body and spirit such as self-worth, positive body image, yoga and nutrition.  ACDG is a beautiful addition to my other programs.

I believe it takes a village to raise a child and love being able to offer a space for girls to share and connect outside of their usual family and friends.

Kate Waud


PHONE: 0428 242 092
EMAIL: waudmk@bigpond.com
WEBSITE: www.girlscelebrationday.com

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I have recently moved from the South West of Western Australia to Brisbane with my amazing husband and three beautiful children (two boys and a girl). I experienced incredible home water births with all of my children, practiced attachment parenting and am now a full-time home-school mum.

I am a Naturopath and have trained with Jane Bennett as a Certified Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator.  I am also the author of ‘Welcoming Womanhood’ and ‘Girl Chat’.   Welcoming Womanhood is a great resource for girls entering adolescence – with positive and beautifully presented information about the changes of puberty and the menstrual cycle. Girl Chat provides strategies and modelling techniques for mum’s to create conversations with their girls about adolescence in a natural, easy and feminine way.

I am passionate about girls having positive education, support and celebration as they go through the wonderful stage of puberty. I love spending time with my family, trying out new things and sharing a cup of tea and good conversation with friends.

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