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I am from Mexico City and have lived for 14 years in the United Kingdom, graduating there with a BA as an Interpreter and Translator in 2001.

Since I was 16 years old I had terrible menstrual cramps, to a point of being hospitalised and put on strong painkillers. This experience led to researching the menstrual cycle over many years. In 2006 I began studying at the London Tao Center with Kris Deva, Uma Demontis and Saida Desilets and others.

I have also studied to be a Health Sex Educator and have based my teaching on Taoist practices.

I am a Menstrual Educator – I graduated from the Womens Quest Apprentieship programme with Alexandra Pope in May 2010. In 2011 I learnt the Womb Blessing practice from Miranda Gray, author of Red Moon, and had the great privilege of studying Fertility Awareness and completing the Facilitators Training for A Celebration Day for Girlswith Jane Bennett, before returning to Mexico in late 2012.

While I was in England I started a project in 2008 called Mi Periodo al Natural or My period au naturel, as a blog initially, where I offered menstrual products in Mexico and shared my journey and findings with Mexican women. As a website and blog now this has become massively popular in Latin America, and also has an international audience. Since 2008 I have seen many things change in Latin America with regard to the subject of menstruation – many new blogs have emerged and natural products being offered. I feel women in Latin America are waking up to and are hungry for this knowledge.

My passion has always been to be able to share this topic with women from all ages but specially with young girls, as I feel that when we work with young people they have a better opportunity of growing up without less twisted ideas about their bodies and their blood.

I have been back in Mexico since the beginning of 2013 and I now offer a variety of workshops for Mexican women of all ages on the subjects of sexuality, menstruation, menarche, spirituality and anything that empowers women to be at peace with their beautiful female essence, including, of course, A Celebration Day for Girls. I am available to travel to facilitate a Celebration Day for Girls throughout the Americas.

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