United Kingdom


Noura Alfadl


Jeddah, Saudia Arabia

PHONE: 07554872788
EMAIL: noura@noorishwellness.com

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I am a certified yoga teacher and a mother of three beautiful and feisty girls.  Based in West London,  my journey into yoga and wellbeing has given me a unique understanding of what it means to be in a healthy relationship with your body. I have a particular interest in women’s wellness and in supporting women through the different stages of their lives. I’m a Red Tent Apprentice and am trained in Menstrual Cycle Awareness.  My approach to yoga encourages women to learn about their bodies, find their own rhythm and create a balanced practice that nourishes the body and enhances the mind.

Through this experience I know how important it is for young girls to have a positive view of their changing bodies and how this can have a great effect on their health and emotional wellbeing. I run Celebration Day for Girls workshops for mothers and daughters to share with them the wisdom of their bodies.

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Nikki Berridge

Bristol, South West

TEL: 0784 6540 013

EMAIL:  nikki.berridge1@gmail.com

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Hello, my name is Nikki.

Since 2020 I have worked as a Natural Health Practitioner specializing in the Ancient Art of Traditional Thai Massage. In this role my intention is to research, embrace and welcome ‘all it is to be human’ – our health and wellbeing – and to be a companion to those I work with to support their reaching their full potential.

Five years ago, during further study in Herbal Medicine, I fully engaged and began my journey of learning to fully inhabit my female Body. I was 40…it’s never too late!

The female body, health and wellbeing continue to fascinate me, also how our menstrual cycle is intrinsically woven within us, and the power this awareness offers for optimum physical, emotional and mental health.

I have experienced firsthand the preciousness and importance of Celebration Day for Girls as a mother with my own daughter. Our relationship has dynamically developed, and the inspiring seeds planted within us on this day continue to germinate beautifully. I feel compelled to share this joy as widely as I can!

I work with the fabulous Kate Penning, and we deliver Celebration Day for Girls together. We work privately, providing ‘in school’ training and ‘out of school’ workshops for girl groups. We run sessions for women wishing to honor and celebrate their own menstruation journey and we hold ongoing monthly women’s circles. We can also deliver bespoke rites of passage celebrations.

I love playing with my own kids (14yrs & 10 years), Wild Camping, Dancing, Singing, Crafting/sewing, writing, Yoga/meditation and walking my Dog.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal discussion.

Nicola Cardinal

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

PHONE: 0789 554 4954

EMAIL: nicbobobbins@yahoo.co.uk

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Lina Clerk

Shoreham-by-sea, West Sussex

PHONE: 0127 345 3293‬

EMAIL: happybirthdaylina@yahoo.com

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I am a Registered Midwife, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Bowen Technique Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher.

I lived for 27 years in Australia (where I met Jane Bennett and trained in Natural Fertility Management). Now I live beside the sea, near Brighton, UK.

For over 30 years my passion has been women’s health, pregnancy, birth, parenting and relaxation skills. I have run hundreds of groups for parents-to-be, pregnant/postnatal mothers, midwives and therapists.

I have been deeply honoured to accompany many people through life’s major transitions, including death.

I feel it is vitally important, as early as possible, to impart a healthy, positive attitude to our female bodies and cycles. I have taught in Australian high school health education programs – with the aim to impart a positive attitude to childbirth.

To honour the amazing transition of menarche, it is with great joy that I welcome new generations of radiant, blossoming girls, at the Celebration for Girls Days, as they bloom into womanhood.

Anna Cole photo copy

Anna Cole


PHONE: 0794 376 4631

EMAIL: annacole.uk@gmail.com

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I began my professional life as a researcher, writer and lecturer. In 2000 I was awarded a PhD for research on the impact of the government policy of assimilation on Indigenous and non-Indigenous women in New South Wales, Australia. I have worked as a researcher on shared Indigenous and non-Indigenous histories with the Cultural Heritage Department, New South Wales government, and as Research Co-ordinator at Goldsmiths College, University of London on an international, interdisciplinary project on cross-cultural exchange. At Goldsmiths College, I wrote and taught their first historical anthropology module and have taught postcolonial and women’s literature at the University of Brighton. I have worked recently supervising a PhD student at Kings College, London. My background is in academic feminism but the issues affecting girls and women today are not academic. Programmes such as Celebration Day for Girls and Cool on the Inside have been honed over many years of best practice and thinking are transformative, and get to the heart of the issues affecting girls, their parents, carers and teachers today. My training as a cultural historian helps me place girl’s and women’s individual struggles with self-esteem, body image, boundaries and self-objectification within a wider socio-historical context.

I became a mother to a daughter in 2004 and a son in 2006 and was introduced shortly after to the work of Patty Wipfler, Founder and Programme Director at Hand in Hand Parenting. I have been deeply inspired and supported in my own parenting by this approach and in 2013, after a year-long certification programme, became a certified Parenting by Connection Instructor. I work now as a parent educator, researcher and writer, and give talks, teach classes and facilitate workshops for parents of young (newborn to 10 years), and pre-teen and teen children.

A vibrant red thread that runs through my personal and professional life is my understanding and appreciation of the wisdom of our bodies. With the menstrual cycle as a significant gateway, women and girls can connect to a vital source of inner knowing, and be empowered to heal our relationship with our bodies, minds and spirits. In my early 20s, having long suffered from painful periods and then an ovarian cyst I met Shushann Movsessian, author and co-creator of ‘Puberty Girl’ and ‘The Soulful Woman’, she in turn introduced me to Alexandra Pope, author and co-founder of The Red School. Through working with Alexandra I came to know of Jane Bennett’s writing, workshops and facilitation and have been grateful to introduce a new generation of young women here in the UK to their ground-breaking, co-authored book, The Pill. Are you sure it’s for you? In 2013 I trained in the UK with Jane Bennett as a facilitator of a Celebration Day for Girls and in 2016 Cool on the Inside. I am passionate about supporting authentic and positive experiences for girls and young women throughout the profound transition of the pre- and teen years – at their threshold into adulthood. I look forward to bringing these highly effective and empowering programmes to a school, community or neighbourhood near you.

For more information see: http://www.handinhandparenting.org/instructor/anna-cole/

Facebook: Hand in Hand Parenting, Anna Cole, UK

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Victoria Dufour-Cox

Falmouth, Cornwall

PHONE: 0784 101 2740

EMAIL: dufourvictoria@hotmail.com

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I’m Victoria, based in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. One day, I attended a Women’s Circle where I encountered the wonder of Menstrual Cycle Awareness. I followed this initiation by attending the Women’s Quest training with Alexandra Pope. During that time I explored my own menarche story and became aware of the importance and potency of this time in a girl’s life. This led me to attend the Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training with Jane Bennett.

Having reconnected with the nature of womanhood, my own nature, I was curious to reconnect with Nature as the container of all life. To help me in this quest I trained as a Forest School leader and am a follower of Jon Young and Looby McNamara’s work on ‘Deep Nature Connection’ and ‘Activating Cultural Emergence’.

These combined trainings are my container for running Celebration Day for Girls – being in mind and heart and with the intention for girls to create a memory that will support their life, and help create an experience where their own nature is celebrated.

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Lara Heppell

Leeds, UK

Laroque Des Alberes, France

PHONE: 07810 827950

EMAIL: lara@laraheppell.com

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I am a long-time yoga teacher and somatic movement explorer who is passionate about women’s health and wellbeing and about empowering women and girls as they journey through womanhood. I love being able to support women to reconnect with the body, providing you with tools, practices and techniques so you feel more supported and become more resilient, confident and able to make empowering choices.

For many years I have supported women with womb health and menstrual cycle awareness. I regularly run Women’s Circles as well as special events and ceremonies for women such as blessingways to celebrate mothers-to-be, and retrospective menarche (first bleed) ceremonies. I love being able to create an event from another woman’s ideas, making it meaningful with ritual and ceremony and a special day she will remember forever.

I am fascinated with the ebbs and flows we experience as women within both our own cycles and the world around us and how the two can unite and support each other so we can live more in harmony with the Earth around us and also honour our own body, our own Earth, more. My seasonal Women’s Yoga workshops and year-long Unearth the Wild Within programme support you to align your inner seasons with the outer seasons around us.

I love is being able to offer young girls this cyclical wisdom through A Celebration Day for Girls, with ritual and celebration so they can really embed and embody this knowledge and practice as early as possible to help support them throughout their lives.

I also train others to teach Fertility, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga as well as being a Mizan Abdominal Massage therapist (providing womb health support and massage) and  a Birth Doula. I am a student of Somatic Psychology to enable me to dive more deeply into the mind/body connection to further support my work.

I also offer Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops, and feel these are a great complement to the Celebration Days providing a much needed space for dads to explore the changing relationship with their girls as they change, grow and develop.

Adrianne Jennings

Northwich, Cheshire

EMAIL:  ajennings77@outlook.com

PHONE:  07908774869

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I’m happily married and a mother of two children. I developed a strong desire to teach girls about puberty and periods when my daughter approached that age, because I did not have any ‘introduction’ to periods before mine. I wanted my daughter and other girls  to have a more informed and positive experience than I did. In my search I came across Celebration Day for Girls and immediately signed up to train as a facilitator – I loved every bit of the training and now love offering this special programme to mothers and daughters.

During a recent holiday to South Africa, I had a pre-birthday party and asked for a donation of sanitary products from friends and family instead of them giving me a birthday gift. What a wonderful turnout we had! I was able to donate 56 gift packs (containing 2 packs of sanitary pads, a booklet and a pouch) to the year 5 and 6 girls at my Primary school which I used to attend. The donations were well received by the girls and the teachers. The leaflet included in the gift pack I had put together to give the girls an overview of the menstruation cycle and how to take care of themselves. This leaflet could also be used as reference for later on, depending when girls start their periods. Girls will be able to refer to the leaflet when they need a ‘reminder’ of what they were once told in school.

Further research and talks with other schools within the same area that I grew up have highlighted the same need we have here in the UK. That is the lack of proper education for girls and boys about the menstrual cycle, understanding their bodily and mindset changes and learning to cope and love themselves throughout the transition.

Celebrating a day with girls creates a wonderful opportunity to teach girls to love themselves, their bodies and their periods and creating a special bond with their mother or female carer. I so enjoy celebrating womanhood with mothers and daughters through A Celebration Day for Girls.

In addition to providing workshops here in the UK, I am working alongside a charity in South Africa to provide Celebration Day for Girls. This is a wonderful journey and I delight in supporting mothers and daughters through Celebration Day for Girls!

Laura Kettle photo copy

Laura Kettle


EMAIL: lgkettle@gmail.com

PHONE: 0754 031 0996

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Friederike Kunze photo

Friederike Kunze

Totnes, Devon

EMAIL: friedel@peace-patterns.com

WEBSITE: www.peace-patterns.com

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 I was born in Dresden, a picturesque town in eastern Germany but have ever since lived in various places, including Portugal, Brazil and New Zealand, and have travelled and volunteered around the world.

Growing up I was an adventurous girl with a vivid imagination, I loved to craft, learn new things and spend time in nature. Originally I was educated in Architecture, the arts and stage design (Master Degree) in Berlin and Düsseldorf, but I changed carrer paths in 2012 to further study Elemental Yoga, Mindfullness, Meditation and other philosophies and holistic approaches in Spain, Thailand, India and Australia. As a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Abdominal Massage Therapist my specific passion lies in movement and empowering people through the means of their own body‘s wisdom. In the last few years my project „Yogabem“ became more and more about teaching women how to practice Yoga and Meditation in tune with their monthly cycles and nature, and support themselves through self care and nourishing vegan/vegetarian food. I run creativity, cooking and movement workshops with kids and adults. Living out my passion of collecting stories, I started a blog interviewing people that inspire me – especially women. The latest project is a podcast called „Magnificent Mermaids“ that introduces „women who make things happen“. I think this is important because women‘ s stories, projects and ideas are neglected in our culture. There is a lack of positive female role models for girls which I am seeking to change.

Learning about my own cycle and the cycles in nature has showed me so much about myself, gave me strenght and acceptance of who I am and made me the person that I am now. Growing up as a girl there was a lot of confusion around my body image. In the post-socialist culture the experience of „not talking about things“ really shaped my experience as a young girl negatively – now I want to talk openly about everything. I believe an open and shameless communication can only benefit our relationships with kids, parters and ultimately everyone else. 

When running A Celebration Days for Girls I experience the immense joy of inspiring in girls a positive body image, emotional resilience and a growing self-esteem and therefore freedom of expression. I am inspired to do this work by the girls and many strong women that surrounded me near and far. I believe that creating safe spaces for women and girls holds a big potential : as we give time to touch and inspire another, to feel connected and learn together, and step by step grow stronger – individiually and as a society. 


Barbara-lee Laurent
(aka Billy)

Reading, Berkshire

PHONE: 07818519089
EMAIL: flamelilly@gmail.com

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I am originally from Zimbabwe and have lived in the UK since 2003. I was blessed with a farm childhood full of adventure, which has left me with a love of the outdoors. Two of my favourite things are sleeping under the stars and wild swimming.

I have worked with children from 2 to 18 since 2008 and have specialized in work with children with learning difficulties and disabilities. I currently work with young people in a college setting as the Senior LSA in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Centre. My love and passion has always been to help others, promoting self-love, body awareness and making things accessible to those who need a little extra help or who may learn in a different way.

I am on a loving learning journey with my menstrual cycle with the help and guidance of my yoga teacher Tessa Sanderson and The Red School’s Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. As an extension of my greater understanding of my body and cycle and my joy in working with young people I am delighted to now be facilitating A Celebration Day for Girls for girls and their mothers from 2018. This day supports girls to have a positive, kind and nurturing experience of menarche as they confidently and proudly traverse puberty with the close support of their mothers or female carers.

Esther White photo

Esther Lyttle

United Kingdom: Reading, Berkshire

France: Marseille

PHONE : +33 622 11 61 61

EMAIL : estherl@hotmail.co.uk

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Bonjour, I am Esther.

I’m originally from Berkshire, England and now reside in sunny Marseille, France, though I return to the UK regularly.

I am an English teacher in a Primary School and I am very passionate about education and inspiring children.

I have a teenage daughter and leading up to her menarche I become more and more aware of the importance of demonstrating positive menstrual awareness.  As for myself, and so many women and girls, the start of our menstrual life is not always so positive and I was determined it would be different for her. I wanted her to feel prepared and embrace the wonderful transition into this new phase of her life rather than seeing it as something to be ashamed of or irritated by; so I threw her a New Moon party. I could see the positive effect this had on her self-esteem and body confidence so as a result, I founded Ruby Moon, a menarche celebration pamper box for girls with the mission of creating a positive menstrual initiation culture.

I strongly believe that by inviting girls to welcome a more positive relationship to menstruation and themselves through A Celebration Day for Girls we give them such an enriching start to womanhood and self-care practices that remain with them throughout their lives.

It is a great honour for me to be offering this wonderful program to my community in France and the United Kingdom. This work is so important to me and is the culmination of years of learning about my own cycle and my passion for supporting girls embarking on their menstrual journey. A Celebration Day for Girls is a beautiful way to hold space and support mothers whilst ensuring a positive and empowered start for our girls now and for generations to come. 

Hannya melrose photo

Hannya Melrose

Stroud, Gloucestershire

PHONE: +44(0)777 629 1889
EMAIL: hannyamelrose@gmail.com

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I started out teaching -TEFL, Steiner and state early years education – then went on to train as a bodyworker and a psychotherapist. I have worked for fifteen years with individuals and parents with their children, facilitating healing with prenatal and birth experiences, attachment and relationship issues, sexuality and spiritual crisis.

More recently I have been focusing on self-love and empowerment for teenage girls and women in the UK and Central/ South America. I feel passionately about supporting girls and women to lead purposeful and fulfilled lives and am delighted to be offering the Celebration Day for Girls.

Sara Newton photo

Sara Newton

East Sussex

PHONE:+44 7971226103
EMAIL: sarannewton@btinternet.com

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My name is Sara and I live on a farm with my family and dog in the UK.  I offer fun workshops where girls can find out more about growing up.

I have worked with young people throughout my career and love being in their company, however we live in a time when girls particularly deserve more support to know about themselves and their bodies.

Having a pre teen daughter who is wonderfully independent and determined has deepened my understanding of a girl’s place in the world — how important it is to give them a voice and encourage them to be proud of who they are.  I feel excited about ‘walking alongside’ girls of the future, enabling them to find a true sense of identity and stake their claim on who they want to be in their society.

At my Celebration Day for Girls workshops, your daughter will find out about the wonders of her body in a fun and creative way as well as make  some lovely friendships. You will join her for part of the day, sharing and delighting in her new found confidence.

My passion for creativity and people led me to run youth art projects for 20 years; now I teach deaf children and offer 1-1 Learning Mentor support in schools.

I look forward to meeting you and your daughter.

Marcelle Pearson

Central Scotland

PHONE: 0759 647 3262‬
EMAIL: mesemafrica@gmail.com

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From a young age my body image was very negative, I was always looking to be thinner, be prettier, taller — to be anything but what I was.  This compounded my poor eating habits and I kept putting on weight.  I kept asking what was wrong with me and never felt enough.  Many, many years, tears and learnings later I began to understand that we are all enough; that there is nothing wrong with me or anyone else, and it is perfect to be unique.  Equally, no woman has to “suffer” through their cycles or feel ashamed about any aspect of their femininity in any context.  Encouraging the conversations that create this empowering awareness, that disseminate the information and help so that no one has to feel that they are so different that they are “wrong”, or alone or helpless — has become a passion.

I completed initial studies in psychology and then became a Certified Life Coach, using these skills in my corporate career, coaching both business and personal cases. A Celebration Day for Girls is a natural extension to the empowerment facilitating that I do — as where better to empower women than at the point they step into their cycle?  I now facilitate one on one and group discussions on topics ranging from menarche to menopause — giving women a better understanding of what they are experiencing, normalising it, and connecting them to a sense of their own worthiness.

Whether a Celebration Day for Girls or a one on one discussion, each discussion is tailored for the needs of the age group or individual.  A key component of these discussions is for each person to gain a better understanding on what they are experiencing and to become empowered to take control of their situation.

If you, your daughter, your partner or someone you know are ready to talk menarche, menopause or mental health, give me a shout and we can start asking those questions and finding those answers.

Kate Penning photo 2

Kate Penning

Bristol, South West, UK

PHONE: 07989562926
EMAIL: katepenningkp@gmail.com

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I grew up playing in the wilds of the beautiful border land of England and Wales. At 18 I moved to London and began my professional life as an actor. This took me all around the UK playing to different audiences and also to different parts of the world educating young people on various topics such as climate change, healthy eating and maths!

I realised at around 30 that I needed to stop playing other people and start finding out who I was. As well as a long search in and out of different Buddhist and spiritual practices, I trained as a Dru yoga teacher and then as a mindfulness practitioner, specialising in working with kids and teens.

I am passionate about emotional intelligence and helping young people to know the nature of their own minds and bodies.  I deliver workshops and classes using a combination of yoga, mindfulness and drama.

In my work with the fabulous Nikki Berridge, we deliver Celebration Days for Girls. We work privately, provide in school training and out of school workshops for girl groups. We run sessions for women wishing to honour and celebrate their own menstruation journey and hold an ongoing monthly women’s circle. We can also deliver bespoke rites of passage celebrations.

Through my own daughter Clover I realise how valuable this work is for her and for other girls. I look forward to sharing this special day with you and your daughter!

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Louise Press

Bath, Somerest

PHONE: +44(0)1225 282338‬
EMAIL: louisepress11@gmail.com

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Elena Riu

Hackney, London

PHONE: 0781 220 8631

EMAIL: elenariu@easynet.co.uk

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I have been practicing yoga since my teens

After arriving in London I was introduced to Shadow Yoga by John Evans and completed the  Shadow Yoga Foundation course. I have continued to practice and study with Shandor Remete, Emma Balnaves , Karen Watson & Paulene Morphet

I obtained a Yoga Campus (The Life Centre) British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Diploma in 2007. I am also a certified Children and Teens Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and was recently fortunate to received Titch Nath Hahn’s Five Mindfulness Trainings at his retreat in France where I also led Children’s Yoga workshops.

I have taught kids classes at The Special Yoga Centre and at Yoga Home and directs the Yoga for Kids and Families activities at Santosa Yoga Camp. I have a full DBS and I am insured by Yoga Alliance.

My classes use inspiring yoga stories and myths to instil reverence and compassion and weave fun imaginative movement with mindfulness and relaxation.

In the past few years, mentored by Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, I have embarked on a comprehensive training in yoga for female health and wellness and lead Yoga and Mindfulness’ Circles for females of all ages.

This year I completed a Red School Menstrual Cycle Awareness’s apprenticeship with Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer as well as gaining a certification in Mentoring Girls Circles with JOYW.

Through these life-changing learning experiences as well as my own mothering journey I realized the riches that sitting in circle with other women bring and founded Yoga Buds, Yoga Blossoms and Yoga Flowers to gift these empowering experiences to girls from a young age. These sessions are inspired by Deep Ecology and Anthroposophy principles.

Mothers for Daughters (a circle for mother’s) meet once a term and are an essential part of the girl’s circles. I also run Shakti Rising: Hackney Women’s Yoga and Mindfulness Circles.

I am a certified facilitator for Celebration Day for Girls, a comprehensive training in all things Periodsspecifically for girls aged 10-12 and their Mother’s devised by Jane Bennett. I am offering this life-affirming training both in the UK and abroad.

I have been concert pianist for many years and lecture as Professor of piano at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance where I recently led a Pilot Study about the benefits of yoga for musicians suffering from PRA and MSD’s. The pilot study was jointly funded by Better Practice: Musical Impacts, Teaching and Learning and the Keyboard Faculty. I am currently delivering a series of Yoga and Mindfulness sessions for performance related anxiety for pianists  I also have a dance background.

I have a 10 year old daughter who loves discovering the world through yoga.

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Tessa Sanderson

Caversham, Berkshire

PHONE: 0118 947 2277

EMAIL: hello@tessayoga.co.uk

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I am passionate about empowering women and girls. I started with hosting a Red Tent (a women’s circle), running workshops on Menstrual Cycle Awareness and retrospective Menarche (first bleed) ceremonies for women, but wanted to take this amazing knowledge that all women should have to the girls! So I began to talk to girls in school (both primary and secondary) and to run Celebration Days for Girls.  

I love this opportunity to support communication between mums and daughters.

I also teach yoga, specialising in Pregnancy and Mother and Baby Yoga classes. I aim to support women at different stages of their life. I support women to get to know their own body through yoga, which leads to empowering choices they make in other areas of their life.

Before I had my two daughters I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Bristol University. I have an MSc in Nutrition, Exercise and Public Health and a PhD in Medical Sociology. I also lectured to nurses, midwives and physiotherapists, so I like to keep my teaching evidenced-based.

Emily bio pic small

Emily Stewart


EMAIL: emily@realperiodproject.org

WEBSITE: www.realperiodproject.org

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My focus has always been on being with people, promoting health, wellbeing and connection. I trained as a nurse in the 1990s and worked as a community nurse until becoming a mother in 2008. I became a Celebration Day for Girls facilitator in 2012 and have loved running days all over the UK since then. In 2016 I set up The Real Period Project, a social enterprise aiming to promote wellbeing through accessible and sustainable menstrual education. Along with restarting nursing, I now coordinate Celebration Day for Girls provision in the UK and Europe and am really excited to see our family grow, knowing that more girls and mothers will get to have this life changing experience.

I love all that my work with girls offers. Having had significant issues with my menstrual cycle through my teens and 20s led me to look into alternative approaches. I was inspired as I explored more holistic paths and enjoyed the deepening relationship with my cycle they supported. I came to see how my lack of knowledge and understanding of my body as a young woman had contributed to my menstrual cycle problems and lack of confidence at that time. I have such a passion for being part of the change that brings a girl’s menarche and menstrual cycle back to being universally seen a positive and beautiful thing! It is a real privilege to spend time with girls at such a magical and yet often challenging time in their lives.

Running Celebration Days is something I particularly enjoy. It is the culmination of years of working with my own cycle, working with women, and my passion for supporting girls embarking on their menstrual journey. For myself, and so many women, the start of our menstrual life was not positive. A Celebration Day for Girls is one beautiful way we can ensure a positive and empowered start for our girls.

I also offer Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops, and feel these complement the Celebration Days beautifully in providing a space for Dads to explore the changing relationship with their girls.

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