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Welcome, welcome, welcome.

So, great, for us to be here, at this stage … a bit of a relief for me! I always seem to underestimate what websites, books and the like will take to cook up, so I’m very happy to be here now writing this.

In this blog I want to go through a few practical things about the website, the facilitators section, and how we can further our aim to support mothers and daughters at their crucial formative pre-menarche/early menarche stage of life.


Most or all of you have A Celebration Day for Girls (CDG) flyer blanks, in which you can add your details, or those of two people if you are co-facilitating, as well as venue, date, contact and other details.

  • You can also find copies of these that you can download from the TOOLBOX page.
  • You can use these flyers if you want to promote A CDG but don’t yet have dates – simply adjust the copy accordingly in the bits that you can.

You are very welcome to make your own flyer, write your own copy and use your own photos, of course. If you want to use the mandala and colours of the website/flyers to help link into our collective ‘brand’, let me know and I’ll send them to you.

If you would like Stef at Greengraphics to put a flyer together to your requirements, you can contact him on: stef@greengraphics.com.au

He has all the logos, copy etc at hand, so it wouldn’t take him long. He’s quick and reasonable cost-wise. Do note that this will be at your expense. I have alerted him to this possibility and he’s more than happy to help.

When you have prepared your flyer, and have dates and other details for A CDG, send it to me, and I will add the details to our calendar.

To save us all a lot of confusion, especially me, I suggest a protocol for the flyers:

  • Before you add your details ‘save as’: *CDG[your first initial and last name][date, ie 26.4.13]*, ‘format’: pdf Make sense?


The one tricky thing with how we’ve designed the flyers – that is so you can add your details – it’s not possible to have the front and back on the one doc. If you want a one-doc flyer, with your details, for easier emailing you will need to contact Stef, or someone else, or maybe you have those skills yourself.

Letterhead and business card

We could also create a ‘blank’ letterhead using the mandala and CDG name and a ‘blank’ business card, on which you can add your contact details and any other info. Let me know if this would be useful and I’ll put them in the TOOLBOX and let you know when they’re there.

Warmest wishes,


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