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Dear Wonderful Women,

I’m in a go slow today, gathering in my energy after running a CDG yesterday in Woodend, Victoria. It was a cold, drizzly day and we  were at the home of one of the mums, who was a delightful gold-star hostess. We had 12 girls from 5 different schools, aged 9-12, so they were quite shy with each other for a while. As we were getting started many admitted their mums ‘made’ them come and I knew from the mums that some were sure it was going to be really boring and would they be allowed to go home if it was? Anyway you can guess how this turns out … they had lots of questions when given the opportunity to write them down anonymously – all but two had written multiple questions, they got right into the activities, mandala, cards, ‘blowing up tampons’ etc etc. We had some great stories from the mums and even after hearing hundreds and hundreds of menarche/early cycling stories I still got some wonderful new (and hilarious) versions. Always interesting!

I have heard from some of the mums today and, as often happens, the conversations and questions are continuing at home. Taryn McKerrow was able to join me ‘to observe’ theoretically, however she was a great hands-on assistent on a busy day.

One take home note-to-self I got from the day was that whenever possible get the girls outside for some fresh air and movement during breaks. Because it was so miserable outside all day they didn’t go outside at all and I think, some at least, were wilting by the end of the day and some fresh air/walking/running would have made a difference.

Oh yes, and another first. On Friday I received a set of ‘wombs for wisdom’ from a friend who ordered them for me from the US site wombsforwisdom.com. (I was hoping and hoping they would arrive on time for the workshop). For those who were at the May 2012 training these were the polymer clay wombs Jac Gunasekera showed us. Anyway they went down a treat with girls and mums, and are wonderful teaching tool. If you have a friend or family member in the US get them to order for you as I spent months trying to make an order, with no response. My friend in San Francisco was able to place an order promptly, and have the wombs sent to her. I feel they are worth that bit of hassle and am excited about using them all the time!

Check out the calendar for all the upcoming Celebration Days and let me know as soon as you have made a date. Happy to talk or answer emails anytime about offering and promoting this precious service for girls and mums in your community and beyond.

I’m working on a generic letterhead, bookmark and business card soon and will let you know when they’re available on the tools page.

I will be in Adelaide and Perth in September offering Adventures in Girltopia and Natural Fertility Management Theory and Practice one-day workshops, and the same in Christchurch and Auckland in November. There are details on janebennett.com.au. If you know anyone in those places who may be interested I’d be thankful if you could alert them, or send me their email (always handled respectfully) and I’ll send them details.

I am so grateful and happy to know you!

Lots of love,


PS If you haven’t seen Dustin Hoffman discussing his experience of being Tootsie it’s a must see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPAat-T1uhE

PPS Lastly but certainly not leastly, while you’re at youtube watch our very own Atira Tan give her fabulous tedxbyron talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epphOe3OLbc


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