Newsy bloggy bits: 22 July 2013

Dear Wonderful Women, I’m in a go slow today, gathering in my energy after running a CDG yesterday in Woodend, Victoria. It was a cold, drizzly day and we  were at the home of one of the mums, who was a delightful gold-star hostess. We had 12 girls from 5 different schools, aged 9-12, so […] more

Bios, Calendar and Blog

Facilitator bios At this point I have put in everyone’s bios and photos that I have received, and added the others contact details and area. Some I’ve heard from will get theirs to me soon. If you specifically don’t want to be on this list for now do let me know. If you want to […] more

Welcome and Flyers

Welcome, welcome, welcome. So, great, for us to be here, at this stage … a bit of a relief for me! I always seem to underestimate what websites, books and the like will take to cook up, so I’m very happy to be here now writing this. In this blog I want to go through […] more