Cool on the Inside is a one-day workshop filled with lively conversations and a rich variety of activities to support girl’s positive body image, social and emotional wellbeing and emerging sexuality, in a body-centred and relational way. The day is designed to maximise girls’ awareness of self and others and to train them in empowering skills and practices that will support their journey toward a glorious womanhood.

 As girls traverse adolescence with it’s gazillion challenges around body image, social life, emerging sexuality and identity supporting healthy development through awareness activities and guided conversation can be deeply empowering.

At Cool on the Inside girls:

  • Practice key emotional and social awareness strategies
  • Enjoy craft, movement and self-care activities
  • Participate in pithy guided conversations
  • Explore powerful steps to a positive body image
  • Learn about menstrual cycle wellbeing
  • Talk about love and sexuality, sexual health and fertility

And, explore,

  • the intrigue and magic of romance and sexuality. The practicalities of sexual health – how to think through your needs and how to talk about it
  • practical ways to support a healthy relationship with their female body – developing an awareness which empowers and underpins a healthy body image
  • emotional wellbeing and positive body image, skills for communication, conflict management and connection.

Menarche marks the beginning of 35-40 years of fertility, the menstrual cycle with pregnancy, birth and resumption of cycles. This involves on average, 300-500 periods, and 6.5 years altogether of menstruation. And yet beyond some basic biology and the practicalities of pads and tampons, modern girls generally receive very little training in how to skillfully traverse the profound monthly changes of the menstrual cycle that impact their whole being.

Through expert guidance Cool on the Inside enables girls to understand and practice positive self-care around menstruation and pre-menstrually, as well as generally explore menstrual cycle awareness and wellbeing.

No matter what sex-ed girls have received at home and school, Cool on the Inside is an opportunity for conversation and questions in an all-girl setting around a multitude of tricky, challenging and potentially embarrassing subjects.

Girls will learn about and practice key understandings of emotional and social awareness, self-care and honest (and compassionate) communication alongside unpacking the common defences of judgement and cynicism. In this way Cool on the Inside supports and furthers these key life skills.

As Steve Biddulph says: A successful and happy adolescence entails hundreds of conversations about what matters, who you are and what you stand for.

The core intention of Cool on the Inside is to honour, nourish and enrich the natural and healthy impulses of puberty and adolescence as a valuable way to ‘immunise’ against the forces that aggressively seek to profit from these impulses.

Research has found that girls who feel able to have conversations with their parents about sex and relationships are happier about the choices they make, and tend to delay their first sexual experience. The vast majority of adolescents want to talk with trusted adults about these subjects, but only a small proportion actually do. [1]

Research has found that girls who are introduced to the menstrual cycle positively have fewer problems giving birth when that time comes. Knowing ways to actively care for their fertility is a strong motivation for girls in their life choices, and sexual health choices specifically. [2]

And, for mothers, fathers and carers

A separate 2-hour session with mothers and female carers will be held before Cool on the Inside to discuss key issues and concerns, as well as learn more about what happens on the day. This is an important preparation and participants commonly receive ideas and support for their unfolding mother/daughter relationship as they journey the adolescent years together, often discovering rich and intriguing doorways in to a new experience of their own journey.

To find out more about, or schedule, Cool on the Inside contact one of the following women. They’re all highly skilled and licensed to offer this special program.
You can also email us at enquiries@celebrationdayforgirls.com/dev and check out the Celebration Day for Girls Calendar for Cool on the Inside events.

Cool on the Inside is the perfect follow-on workshop to Celebration Day for Girls.

[1] Schalet, Amy (2007) ‘Adolescent Sexuality Viewed Through Two Cultural Lenses’ In J. Kuriansky (Series Ed.), M. S. Tepper & Annette F. Owens (Vol. Eds.) Sex, Love, and Psychology: Sexual Health, Vol. III. Moral and Cultural Foundations. Westport, CT, Praeger Publishing.

[2] Moloney, Sharon (2010) ‘How Menstrual Shame Affects Birth’, Women and Birth, 23 (4). pp. 153-159.