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Letters for schools and parents

If you’re keen to approach schools to offer CDGs you may like to start with  this CDG-schools template letter.

Here is a similar CDG Demo Letter for Prospective Schools to check out, as well as this CDG Demo Letter for Prospective Parents and this one too: CDG Letter for Parents. Here is a sample confirmation letter for parents.

And here’s another example of a letter to a school. And if despite your best efforts you’re not able to run a Mother’s Session here’s a letter that to help prepare mothers for the Day: Alternate Mothers Session Letter.

You are welcome to use and adapt these letters as you see fit. Thanks Julia Dendrinos, Patricia Falcetta, Melinda Whyman, Luna White and Jules White.

Study notes for the menstrual cycle

The Menstrual Cycle Youtube clip by Armando Hasundungan is recommended in the CDG Facilitator Training Manual. Kath Callinan-Moore has made notes on this for all of us as a study tool. While this level of knowledge is not what we teach girls the more and better we understand these processes the more we can wonder at them and the more steeped we are when we teach the simple stuff. Thanks Kath!

What does a successful grant application look like?

Like this: Local Council Grant Application.

Thanks Janoel Liddy and Jac Torres-Gomez, and congratulations!

Tips for parents and girls

Kate Lawrence prepared this sweet 13-cool-ways-to-celebrate-a-girls-first-period-1 flyer. She’s happy for you to use and adapt it as you wish. Thanks Kate!

And here are Mariana Zavery’s adaption in both English and Spanish, which she is also happy to share. Thanks Mariana! Enjoy.

15 Ways to Celebrate

15 Maneras de Celebrar

Sex-ed teaching resources

Thanks Cath Hakanson for your comprehensive list of  sex-ed teaching resources. You may like to share this link with parents.