Due to personnel constraints we are not currently collecting data about CDGs centrally. However we do recommend you find a simple way to collect feedback that is easy for you and helps to capture information from your participants as well as testimonials.

Below are two templates for surveys that can be set up on Google Forms or similar with a free account. These have links to surveys on Survey Monkey. We include them so you can see how it works. Don’t use these links as the data will not be available to you.

CDG Survey Mother’s Email

CDG Survey Teacher’s Email

The following document has sample emails and surveys for mothers, teachers and girls. It also has a sample email and survey for facilitators. We suggest you use the facilitator’s questions to journal your own experience post-workshops. You will be amazed how fast you forget the details!

CDG Evaluation: emails and surveys for mothers, teachers and facilitators

If you or someone you know would like to manage the collection of survey data for Celebration Day for Girls this would be a great service and benefit. Contact Jane on enquiries@celebrationdayforgirls.com

A fun and simple way to collect data

Mariana Zavery recommends having two beautiful guest books at your Celebration Day for Girls, one for girls and one for mothers. Prepare a table with writing (and drawing) tools and invite everyone to contribute before they go home.  Mariana says this is immediate and often collects more comments and feedback than a later call to action will do. Thanks Mariana! Great idea.