PD Pearls

In May 2020 the CDG Leadership Team, and others, began offering pertinent and fun professional development sessions for facilitators.

Here are the powerpoint slides from How to hold a safe and fun space (and handle tricky moments), Janoel Liddy, 27th May, 2020

Shares from facilitators

Thank you everyone for generously sharing your stories. So inspiring, motivating and moving!

Facilitators CDG experiences

Private facilitator Facebook pages

CDG Facilitator’s Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/784176818303502/ and

CDG Facilitators UK & Europe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1228673960603236/

If you’re not already on these pages ask 4janebennett@gmail.com or emilycestewart@gmail.com for an invitation. These are great places to go to share your tips, finds, questions, facilitation fears, enthusiasms and joy.  If you do nothing else on social media you may like to consider signing up to the facilitator page/s as they extend the heartfelt CDG spirit and will support your facilitator goals and experience.

CDG Therapeutic Modality certificate for insurance

You can use this CDG Therapuetic Modality certificate to establish the authenticity of the program for the purpose of insurance. If you have professional insurance as a therapist you may just be able to add this to your modalities. If not it will help you get insurance. In Australia the insurer AON has a close relationship with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and will insure all modalities they have approved, but others may too. IICT is active in the UK, much of Europe, North America and New Zealand so this certificate would be recognised there.

You will see that the certificate is in the name of Jane Bennett. That just means that Jane is the creator. With your training CDG Facilitator Certificate and/or Agreement you can claim to be offering this modality and are eligible to be insured to do so.

Guidelines for establishing the area in which you can offer CDG

To help you to manage facilitator ‘territories’ where you live and where you’d like to offer CDGs we have prepared these

Guiding-principles-for-facilitators – where you can offer CDGs