Materials for your CDG and Mother’s Session

If, despite your best efforts, you aren’t able to get mothers to commit to a Mother’s Session you can use this Alternate Mothers Session Letter as a template to help prepare them for the Day.

Here is an Attendance List template you may find useful for details of workshop attendees. It’s in Word and to change the Date, Venue, Host details double click in that section. Thank you Janoel Liddy.

CDG words to print and laminate at the beginning of the Day.

Photo consent form if you’d like to use photos from the Day for promotion.

This doc will give you more detail about the set up and purpose of the Seed Mandala Ritual

There is a clip of Jane explaining how to cut and make a cloth for the mandala on the CDG Facilitators Facebook page. Thank you Emily Stewart.

If you’d like to share some of the questions girls have asked during CDGs with mothers and/or girls this doc is the list from the Training Manual.

Thank you to Hamish who gifted his design expertise to us with these How Many Periods sheets and to Angela Fraser who gently (ahem) prompted him.  Please pass on any feedback to Angela about how these documents worked in your CDG. Thank you! angelafrasernz@gmail.com

HowManyPeriods-commercial printer

HowManyPeriods- home printer

Thank you to Mariana Zavery for updating the How Many Periods page, creating a light on the printer cartridge version and translating into Spanish.

How many periods

Numero de periodos_amarillo

Cuantos periodos

Thank you Karin Van Ginnekin for your translation of the Flemish/Dutch version

Hoeveel Maandstonden

Thank you Ange Fraser for writing and designing the Follow Your Rhythm sheet for discussion and suggestions for self-care after the How Many Periods exercise. Here are the Following Your Rhythm Facilitator Notes to support your use of Follow Your Rhythm.

Thank you Mariana Zavery for your contribution to the design of the Follow Your Rhythm sheet and facilitator notes. And for translating these into Spanish:

Sigue tu Ritmo

15 maneras de celebrar

Lennart Nilsson’s book LIFE (you saw some of these photographs at your CDG Training) is now more widely available than a few years ago. Just google and you’ll find various references. Tip: just look for the LIFE book, the others have lots more text and the images are much smaller. If you can we recommend getting the book as there are so many gorgeous photos.

In the mean time we have put a folder of key photos (6) for CDG on google drive. Here is the address


You probably won’t be able to open it as we haven’t added emails – just click on the link then request permission, Jane will grant you that next time she’s at her emails.

Girls Mandala PostcardsMothers Mandala Postcards and Post-menopause Mandala Postcards if you want to print these for an end of the Day gift to take home. If you’re using a commercial printer use this doc, and this one for a home printer.

Here is a beautiful poem, At The Threshold of Womanhood by John O’Donohue – Benedictus. You may like to gift a copy of this instead, or as well as, the cards. Thank you Melinda Whyman for sharing this beautiful poem.

And thank you Mariana Zavery for sharing this beautiful poem by Lucille Clifton with us: Poem in praise of menstruation.

If you’re feeling crafty here are instructions for making your own wombs of wisdom.

Here is the 2020 brighter, better CDG Facilitator’s Training Manual. You can check it out for updates and a general refresh of your training, and you can also print off the stories Princess Sophia and The Cupboard, among other useful stuff. Enjoy the brand new luscious design by Mariana Zavery. Thank you Mariana. Awesome work.

Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training Manual 2020