Each of these women brings considerable professional and personal expertise and skill to the Celebration Day for Girls workshops that they facilitate. Each has successfully completed the Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training and mentoring program, and is actively involved in ongoing mutual reflection and support with other facilitators.

One of my main passions is women’s mental health and over the years of working with young women in the role of support worker I have seen how poor body literacy can lead to girls and young women feeling alienated from their bodies and often having very poor body image.

I believe there is a strong link between the experience a girl has at menarche and their blossoming self-esteem. I am passionate about helping girls and their mothers to have a positive experience of menarche because I think this is one of the key building blocks towards young women developing good emotional health and wellbeing.

Charlotte Randomly, Bristol UK

To make enquiries about A Celebration Day for Girls, or to make a booking for your school or community group, contact the facilitator geographically closest to you. You will find her contact details at the end of her bio. If there are no facilitators in your immediate area you can contact the closest or use our general contact email or phone [go to contact page]. Please note that facilitators travel widely to offer A Celebration Day for Girls.

To find out more about A Celebration Day for Girls facilitator training go to www.janebennett.com.au.

I have worked with women for years and have observed that many have a less than joyous relationship to menstruation. Often they are holding memories from menarche and teenage years when they were frightened by their bleeding or teased about it.

During my own life transitions and rites of passage, such as menarche, birthing and mothering, which naturally unsettled my sense of identity, I longed for celebration and acknowledgment of my growth and changing status.

Ingrid Petterson, Geelong Australia

We know there is a huge empire built around young girls and adolescents. Fashion, magazines, the internet, social networking, music videos all bombard girls with what is acceptable and unacceptable, worthy and unworthy, ‘hot’ and ‘not hot’. Girls are extremely vulnerable to these powerful forces during their formative years.

I feel strongly that girls with positive role models, given positive and truthful information, are much more able to make healthy choices.

In my practice I see some patients squirm in their seats when I ask about their menarche or menstrual cycle. I wish that as girls they could have been given a sense wonder about their bodies, a sense of community with their sisterhood, and the knowledge that there is nothing shameful or embarrassing about being a woman or how our bodies work.

Jacintha Gunasekera, Sydney Australia

Facilitator Training

If you’d like to learn more about training to become a Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator see the Home page for training dates, an invitation and an application form.

Find a Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator


Jane Bennett.

Founder of Celebration Day for Girls. Australia

PH: +613 54743213
EMAIL: jane@janebennett.com.au
WEBSITE: www.janebennett.com.au

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I began my professional life as a social worker and after experiencing the revelations of charting my menstrual cycle in the mid-eighties I pursued a career counselling, teaching and writing for Natural Fertility Management. In 2000 I designed and ran the first Celebration Day for Girls, and in 2012 I began training facilitators internationally to run this programme. I am deeply honoured to have shared this special occasion with so many mothers and daughters over the years and now to be assisting an exceptional group of women to run this programme in their own communities and countries. I am the author of A Blessing Not a Curse (2002) and Girltopia (2010) and co-author of The Natural Fertility Management Kits for Contraception and Conception (2004) with Francesca Naish and The Pill: Are You Sure It’s For You? (2008) with Alexandra Pope.

I have also created the Fathers Celebrating Daughters and Cool on the Inside  workshops and am happy to run these in your community.

Anne Hall

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: North East

PH: 0432 107 835
EMAIL: annabelle.hall@optusnet.com.au

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I am a qualified teacher and birth attendant and have worked extensively with mothers and babies, families of pre-schoolers, women and pre-pubescent girls. I believe girls, and women, should have access to clear and practical information about the workings of their bodies. The time of menarche is a natural event in our lifecycle that is special and significant to the emotional and physical health of girls and deserves to be honoured. A positive experience of menarche has long term benefits in all the major transitions of a woman’s life.

I live in the lively and leafy suburb of Montmorency in Melbourne and am home educating my three vibrant children.

PH: 0432 107 835
EMAIL: annabelle.hall@optusnet.com.au

Melissa Gonella

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: North East

PHONE: 0418 990 619

EMAIL: melissa@gonella.com.au

WEBSITE: www.melissagonella.com

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I have been providing women and girls with well-structured and experienced support surrounding natural fertility awareness and menstrual education for more than 5 years.  Teaching both privately and in group settings, running programs such as Women’s Circles, Connecting Cycles (for Women), Celebration Day for Girls (aged 10-12 and mothers/carers) and Cool on the Inside (girls 14-16).  I am a trained natural fertility educator, a doula and the mother of two daughters aged 8 and 13 and a 12-year old son.

I strongly believe that the way women and girls view their biology impacts their health and emotional wellbeing.  It’s time to step beyond old and outdated coping mechanisms into a fresh understanding of self-care that, unmistakably has a positive effect on health and the transformational stages of puberty through to menopause.

I also offer Cool on the Inside workshops.


Melinda Whyman

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: North East

PHONE: 0414 258 490
EMAIL: melinda.whyman@gmail.com

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I am a Naturopath, Homoeopath, Herbalist, Natural Fertility Management Counsellor, Menstrual Health Educator and Birth Attendant. I have been immersed in the realms of women’s business since 1996.

I live in the beautiful Yarra Valley with my Beloved, 4 children and many animal friends. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, reading, writing and organic gardening.

In 2010, I graduated from the School of Shamanic Midwifery and in the years to follow have continued to work within this organisation in support of program administration and events management.

I am passionate about the rites of passage in a woman’s life – birth, menarche, childbirth, menopause – being honoured and celebrated as sacred times of transformation, preparing her for the next life stage to come and positively shaping her attitudes and beliefs about herself and the world around her.

I feel excited and deeply privileged to have the opportunity to empower and educate young girls in preparation for their menarche, to share with them the wisdom of their body and its cycles and the sacredness and beauty of what it is to be a Woman.

I also offer Fathers Celebrating Daughters and Cool on the Inside workshops.

Luna White

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne:North East

PHONE: 0433 337 161
EMAIL: luna@littlefeetfarm.com.au

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I live in the beautiful Yarra Valley on a permaculture-inspired organic farm, with my partner and 3 daughters. We grow seasonal organic produce for direct supply to our local community. We aim to live sustainably and in close connection to the earth and the elementals. We are currently owner-building our family home.

I have a background in political activism, am a massage therapist and have many years experience sharing and holding sacred space with women.

I am passionately committed to supporting Woman as she journeys within herself. I believe that as women, being connected to and informed by the monthly rhythms of birth, death and rebirth within our own bodies, aligns us to the power of creation.
I seek to honour, empower and support young women to be respectfully initiated into womanhood. If menarche can be held consciously, my hope is that it may flow on into teenage life and adulthood with reverence and respect for our bodies, our blood and our being.
PHONE: 0433 337 161
EMAIL: moonsista1975@yahoo.com.au

Kath Callinan-Moore

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne:Outer East

PHONE: 0438 802 379
EMAIL: sjkm@bigpond.net.au

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As a physiotherapist and an ante-natal educator of 25 years I know the connection between positive outlook and positive outcome.

Instilling in our girls a sense of normalcy around the rhythm of their changing bodies aims to create just such positivity.


We want to awaken their innate curiosity about that which takes place within their bodies and affirm their special uniqueness within the midst of their collective experience as menstrually cycling young women.


The group forum and fun activities of a Celebration Day for Girls permit easy discussion and enhanced comfort around topics that are still, in this day and age, largely spoken of in hushed tones and behind closed doors.


I know that a girl’s positive experience of her menarche will pay forward to more positively experiencing future life transitions such as pregnancy, birthing and mothering and beyond to menopause. Research increasingly supports this.


It is so important to honour the transition from girlhood to womanhood. Let her shine with confident anticipation. I look forward to supporting you and your daughter at this precious time.



Lori Conn

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Outer East

PHONE: 0422 535 889
EMAIL: laconn74@gmail.com

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I am an experienced primary school teacher currently working in a local school. I live with my husband and three gorgeous children at the foot of the Dandenongs in Melbourne’s outer east.

My passion is involving children and families in authentic and simple celebrations of life, inspired by the natural rhythms of the world around us. I spend my quiet evenings creating little felted treasures for my children and friends, and love being out in the garden on weekends. I have learned so much from other women by taking part in women’s circles and blessingways. My wish for girls is to find a strong connection with other women of all ages – to help them be happy, confident and strong in their own bodies, and to know how to find the answers they seek.


Mardi Terrasson

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Outer East

PHONE: 0490 202 882
EMAIL: rainbowstarsisterhood@gmail.com

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Positive women’s empowerment education and public speaking have been my passion for over 20 years. As the founder of the Rainbow Star sister circle movement in Australia I have developed many supportive sisterhood communities. A published author on women’s topics, I have dedicated my life to improving the quality of life for all women. Working for the Department of Human Services over 15 years enabled me to gain vast experience in the many challenges facing young women in our modern world. I believe in building confidence in young girls as they become women so that they have a life of happiness and success.

The Celebration Day for Girls is a superb method of positive menstrual education, held in an inclusive environment that promotes wellbeing. Being comfortable with yourself, having fun and encouraging a loving bond with your mother are treasures this wonderful day offers girls. I am honoured as a facilitator to be able to offer this life-gift for your daughters as they begin to grow into the women they want to become.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing this beautiful day.

Atira Tan

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Inner North

PH: 0467 613 562
EMAIL: atira.shri.yoga@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.theart2healingproject.org

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I am a creative art therapist, counselor, yoga, dance and meditation teacher. I have been teaching and facilitating workshops with women and girls for the past decade, and am passionate about and devoted to sacred feminine embodiment through the arts and movement.

The director and founder of The Art2Healing Project, a non-profit organization supporting the empowerment and healing of women rescued from the sex trafficked industry, I have worked in over 8 countries in Asia and the Pacific, from the refugee camps in the jungle of Burma, war zones in Cambodia to slums and brothels in Kathmandu. In 2012 I began working with Aboriginal girls in rural communities in the Alice Springs area of Central Australia. As well as art therapy and movement I am passionate about teaching menstrual cycle awareness and other means to a positive, empowered experience of our bodies and ourselves.

Jac Torrez-Gomez

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Inner North and Central Victoria

PH: 0410 002 600
EMAIL: jac@crimsonmovement.com
WEBSITE: www.crimsonmovement.com

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I am the founder and manager of Crimson Movement, a global social movement working to empower communities to understand and address barriers facing women and girls due to menstruation. Supporting this, I have over 10 years experience working in facilitating and teaching in community development contexts including in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Japan and Vietnam.

I hold a Bachelors degree in primary and secondary education, and a Masters Degree in International and Community Development. My passion lies in innovative strategies to providing education and healthcare to women and girls during humanitarian emergencies. I am a mother to Isabella, who was born in August 2012. In my spare time I love to swim, run, cycle and read inspirational biographies.

I also offer Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops.

Janoel Liddy

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Inner North

PHONE: 0408 664 919
EMAIL: contact.janoel@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.stepintowomanhood.com

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I came to this work through my passion for empowering girls to live fulfilling lives with self-awareness and the confidence to love, respect and care for themselves.  My role as the founder of Step into Womanhood arose from my women’s circle work, a shared meeting space for deep reflection and development.

I offer relaxed and enjoyable programs that involve both girls and parents, holding a safe and engaging space for individuals and groups.  I have worked in TAFE, university and community organisations as a facilitator, trainer and event organiser for more than 20 years.

I offer puberty and well-being education in schools, Celebration Day for Girls and Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops as well as Cool on the Inside.

I am also responsible for an annual Mother and Daughter Coming of Age retreat run in Bali each year during the July school holidays.  I find it exciting and tremendously fulfilling to work with mothers and daughters as they develop greater understanding and celebration of their cycle and sense of self.

My purpose is to create meaningful programs for young people, to deepen their connection to themselves, their community and their environment, becoming vibrant young women and men in the process!

I am on the journey of raising a son and daughter with my partner of 20 years in Melbourne’s north.  A foodie, reader and storyteller, I make time for daily walks with the dog, weekly yoga and dance.

My quals include a Bachelor of Arts (Monash), Graduate Certificate in Training Management, Advanced Diploma in Hospitality, Certificate IV TAE in Training and Assessment, Steiner Teacher Training, Working with Children Check.

Charlotte Young

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Inner North/Inner East

PHONE:   0417 509 756

EMAIL:  charlotteyoung007@gmail.com

WEBSITE:  www.charlotteyoung.com.au/girls

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I am an educator and facilitator with 18 years’ experience in both classroom and workshop settings, and also a birth attendant, providing emotional and physical support to women through pregnancy, birth and postnatally. It is out of this work—accompanied by my long-time love affair with dance—that my passion for body literacy and puberty education has blossomed. My experience of being ‘with’ women, through birth and dance, has offered me a unique understanding of what it means to be in a healthy relationship with the body. It’s time to create a new paradigm and it starts with our girls! We all – parents, caregivers and teachers – can support our girls to be body literate and body trusting.

I live close to the Yarra River, with my husband and our three children, plus the dog and cat. In my free time, I write and walk in nature as much as possible, but not both at the same time.

Tanja Novakovic

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Inner East

PHONE: 0410 106 879
EMAIL: tanjanovakovic1@gmail.com

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I am an experienced primary school teacher holding a Masters of Education. When I am not facilitating Celebration Day, I am teaching at a school in my local community. I am eternally curious and love sharing my passion for learning. I enjoy dancing, singing, immersing myself in nature and enjoying time with loved ones. Facilitating Celebration Day for girls is close to my heart as I believe that the knowledge and support the girls receive is deeply needed and important. A positive menarche experience can help build confidence and wellbeing throughout life.


Growing up, I found support and learnt about menstruation and the woman’s journey through my mother. This relationship has helped me be the woman I am. It is truly special to help facilitate some of the conversation, celebration and passing of wisdom through the maternal line through this work.


Sisterhood circles have been a valuable part of my life for the past couple years. From regularly meeting and learning with sisters, I have found it very rich and rewarding when women support one another and work together without competition. This is the culture I share with others through Celebration Day.


I am passionate about empowering young people to be their best selves and see the value of their unique talents. As a teacher and facilitator I am caring, friendly and aim to make the activities fun and enriching for the girls and mothers. I look forward to meeting you.

Carolyn Shurey

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Inner West

PHONE: 0438 232 361

EMAIL: caroshurey@gmail.com

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I am a qualified Primary School teacher, group facilitator, adult trainer, yoga and meditation teacher. I currently work as a Learning Facilitator at the Royal Botanic Gardens-Melbourne and also teach Meditation and Yoga at Prana House in Thornbury. I bring over 25 years of experience in the field of Education, Training and Group Facilitation with people of all ages and a large variety of backgrounds. I am passionate about social change, empowering people through education and facilitating supportive processes that build strong communities.

I see A Celebration Day for Girls as an integral and empowering process that helps guide and support girls through a time of great change. I craved this support as a girl and wish to share practical and positive information with girls that will help them grow into confident empowered young women.

I live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne with my gorgeous daughter and loving partner.  Our home has a permaculture garden complete with chooks, a bee hive and fruit trees.

Sally Quinn

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Inner West

PHONE: 0401 946 325, 9689 5369


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After participating in a Celebration Day with my daughter in 2013, I knew that we had begun an important journey together; one that included not just us, but our family and community too. As a mum of 4 kids (including 3 girls!), I can already see the very tangible impacts of nurturing an affirming and open approach to menstruation and the different cycles in our lives.


As Co-founder and CEO of Green Collect, a not for profit social enterprise, my ‘main’ work is in the area of social and environmental sustainability. This work comes from a deep care for our natural environment and for communities facing significant disadvantage. Through flexible and supportive workplaces we journey closely with refugee communities, people experiencing homeless and at risk young people.


I feel very drawn to opening up the experience of Celebration Day for Girls to girls and women in communities where there is often trauma and lack of information around menarche and menstrual well-being. My training and experience as a social worker has given me strengths in facilitation, mediation, community development and support, particularly in relation to women’s issues.


I am really passionate about seeing young girls move forward into the world knowing their incredible strength and uniqueness, and able to embrace puberty as a time of possibility and empowerment. It’s no surprise that my move towards this work, has been accompanied by new awakenings in my own journey too! After 14 pretty busy years of mothering and ‘careering’ I have taken time to explore my own wisdom and cycles in a deeper way.

I feel very privileged to be sharing the fun and learning of Celebration Day for Girls with my local community in Footscray, and in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Please contact me to explore sessions with schools, community and friendship groups.

Melissa Jeffcott

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: South East, Bayside

PHONE: 0415 577 727

EMAIL: melissa@melissajeffcott.com

WEBSITE: www.melissajeffcott.com

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My work as a certified life coach sees me speaking to many women about the challenges of parenting, and keeping connected to your children as they move beyond the childhood years. Becoming a facilitator for A Celebration Day for Girls was the perfect way to marry my background in child and developmental psychology, my work as a life coach for mum’s on the other side of forty, and my love of bringing women together to support and learn from each other.


A Celebration Day for Girls is a fun, engaging and informative workshop that both mums and daughters absolutely love and gain so much from. I am also a mum of two daughters and a son in this age range, and know first hand the benefits this day brings for your whole family.


I am based in Bayside Melbourne (Hampton), and I look forward to connecting with you and your daughter at a Celebration Day in the near future.

Alicia Rutter

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Outer South East

PHONE: 0457 336 787

EMAIL: aej.1065@yahoo.com.au

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I’m a creative expression facilitator with a Diploma in Art Therapy and a home educator with over twenty years experience home schooling my four children.


My background is in disabilities, foster care and refugees and am passionate about empowerment through education and love group work with people of any age..


I bring a great sense of respect, joy and inclusion to all my workshops.

I look forward to meeting you and your daughter soon.

Jules White

Australia, Country Victoria: West

PHONE: 0419 303 856
EMAIL: circlesoftruth@westnet.com.au

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I am a qualified primary and secondary science teacher. I have over 15 years facilitation experience working with environmental, landcare and farmer groups as well as running women circles and retreats. I have a business called Circles of Truth and sell beaded Moonflow Belts to celebrate menstruation. I am the mother of three beautiful daughters and with my husband Scott live on three picturesque acres of land, where we aim to live sustainably and simply.

Ingrid Petterson

Australia, Country Victoria: South West Coast

PHONE: 0420 932 751
EMAIL artmedicine@ymail.com

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“I am always humbled to sit in circle with mothers & daughters. Sharing together, boundaries dissipate. We hear our stories in each other’s voices and our compassion grows. In this we are all connected.”

My work as a facilitator, art therapist and community worker, offers me the gift of working with girls and women with diverse backgrounds, abilities and life experiences. As a ‘Celebration day for Girls’ facilitator I am honoured to spend sacred time with girls, and their female carers, moving through the thresholds of menarche.
I am passionate about creating a safe and joyous world for all of our daughters and sons to grow up in. I look forward to sharing and learning with you.
With inspiration, Ingrid
B.A (Fine Arts, Philosophy & Women’s Studies), Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy, Cert IV TAE, qualified member of the Australian Counseling Association, certified ‘Celebration day for Girls’ facilitator and ‘Father’s celebrating Daughters’ facilitator.

Michelle Buggy

Australia, Country Victoria: South West Coast

PHONE: 0417 168 070
EMAIL: informemotion@gmail.com

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I am a mother of five, 2 boys and 3 girls.

We live in the Surf Coast and I work broadly throughout the Surf coast, Geelong and Bellarine Areas as a trainer, group facilitator and community arts coordinator,   facilitating Art and Art Therapy groups for a broad range of clients supporting: mental health, pregnancy, mothering, disabilities, eating disorders, addictive behaviours, team building, grief support services and personal evolution.

I am a practicing artist, Director of InformEmotion, Creator of The Red Tepee Community Arts Project and Spring Tide Experiential Arts Journal.

I have completed higher degrees in Fine Art and Art Therapy as well as a qualification in Training. I have studied Birthing Wisdom,  Antroposophy, Mentoring Circles with Young Girls, Wilderness Adventure Based Experiential Learning and Celebration Day for Girls facilitation with Jane Bennett!

I am passionate about Woman’s Wellbeing and self-empowerment and believe A Celebration Day for Girls lays a very rich foundation for a positive journey to womanhood, and one is which the bond of mother and daughter continues to evolve and offer support and connection.


Kate Lawrence

Australia, Country Victoria: Macedon Ranges

EMAIL: kate@katelawrence.com.au

WEBSITE: www.katelawrence.com.au

PHONE: 0402 080 445

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I am a storyteller, writer and facilitator.  I have worked with girls this age, girls on the brink of the monumental and amazing physical and emotional changes that occur as their bodies begin the journey to womanhood, on the football field, in the class room and on the stage.

As a widow, a mother of a three children, and caring for my 87 year old mother with dementia, I appreciate some of the complexity of family life and the mother/daughter relationship, and how our gender, our bodies and our cycles are intimately connected to all of it.

A few years ago my daughter and I participated in A Celebration Day for Girls in Woodend, and I loved the rhythm and ritual, significance and power of the day, with its story sharing, activities, education and connection.  And the channels of communication it opened between us.

As a feminist and naturalist, it was a natural fit for me to be interested in this work and want to be able to offer it in my local community.

Rebekah Honey

Australia, Victoria, Country: Central + Northern Victoria

PHONE: 0412 443 674
EMAIL: rebekahr@rebekahrussell.com

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Helping children to live happier lives is what it all comes down to for me. The greatest gift I have found in my life is being part of the transformational outcomes of supporting our children to become happy, resilient, creative and passionate human beings!


For over 10 years I have been collaborating with teachers, parents, schools and therapists to support children through Positive Psychology, Mental Health and Social and Emotional Learning. I am a published author and co-founder (with my father Ivan Honey) of ‘The Get Happier Project’, a holistic program designed to teach children a vital framework that gives them the tools to build resilience, emotional intelligence, creative problem solving skills and an understanding of how and why we behave. I am honoured to be able to work with children and young people this way and to support teachers, schools, early intervention programs and community groups through this fun and transformational program.


Since 2006 I have co-facilitated intensive 2 and 4 Day workshops on the Positive Psychology of Choice Theory. These workshops have been in both the private and government sectors, with a focus on supporting teachers and youth workers of all kinds.  I have presented at major conferences including the ‘2013 No 2 Bullying Conference’, at which I shared the stage with positive psychology experts and leading authorities on anti-bullying and personal wellbeing.


I also have an affinity with nature and have worked extensively in Adventurous Training and Outdoor Education. As a qualified leader in Outdoor and Adventure Training, I came to embrace the deep and powerful connection open to us all through Earth Therapy. I use the skills and knowledge of leading in the outdoors to create safe and healing experiences for renewal and growth in the natural environment. I have led hundreds of people (adults and children) through challenging and rewarding activities in which fears and anxieties were transformed into self-knowledge and inspiration.


I am a qualified Positive Psychology Trainer (William Glasser Institute International), Certified Life and Creativity Coach, Holistic Counsellor, I have a BSc and have my Masters of Science and Technology.  My first career was as an Officer in the Australian Army (13 years in leadership positions). Most importantly though, I am a mother to Josh and Ella and we live by the dam, with its flock of native ducks, in rural Central Victoria.

Beck Meyers

Australia, Victoria, Country: Central + Northern Victoria

PHONE: 0499 015 975
EMAIL: beckmeyers@gmail.com

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I am a qualified creative arts therapy practitioner with a background of over 14 years in community arts and development.  During this time I have had the honour of working with refugees, persons experiencing homelessness, mental health issues and women’s groups. This has deepened my awe of the emergent resilience, collaborative learning and transformation that occurs when sharing creative expression together.

I became especially moved to work with mothers and daughters when I embarked on the journey to become a mother myself. I live with my son and my partner in a beautiful valley where we enjoy fostering connection with nature and the community around our home.

I am excited and honoured to facilitate A Celebration Day for Girls workshops. This nourishing space invites mothers and daughters to connect and celebrate the magical time a girl enters puberty, as well as for a girl to feel the support of her community around her as she transitions into a young woman. My aim is that girls come away from the day with a deeper knowledge and appreciation of their bodies, and a stronger sense of who they are and can be within the world. It’s important to me to facilitate workshops that have a warm, welcoming and safe atmosphere for all participants. I welcome your questions, curiosity and registrations for A Celebration Day for Girls workshops.

Rachel Pilgrim

Australia, Victoria, Country: Central + Northern Victoria

PHONE: 0430 450 967
EMAIL: rachel.pilgrim@yahoo.com

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I have qualifications in science, photography and yoga, and merge these together as an artist, gardener and overall lover of life. I have studied and lived in Yoga ashrams in Australia and India, and continue an ongoing practice in my own life.

For many years I have been drawn to deeply explore my own experience of being a woman. This journey accelerated with the pregnancy and birth of my first child in 2008. I have had many years involvement in women’s work: gathering and sharing in circles and exploring deeply what it is and what it means to be a woman. Through this, and through charting my own menstrual cycles, I have come to know first hand the positive impact and profound changes that come from tuning into ones own body. I feel a great sense of wholeness and connection when I observe nature’s cycles.

I am passionate about working with women and girls to support a healthy relationship with their bodies and menstrual cycles, and believe this work is imperative for young girls growing up in a culture where women are increasingly objectified and sexualised in the media.

A Celebration Day for Girls introduces girls to the next stage of womanhood in a beautiful, gentle and positive way, connecting them with each other and strengthening their mother-daughter relationship. I am excited to be offering this wonderful program to the families in my community, and welcome your questions, expressions of interest and, of course, registrations.

Nicole Tricarico

Australia, Victoria, Country: Central + North EasternVictoria

EMAIL: ntricarico@bigpond.com
WEBSITE: www.yourbirthsupport.com

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As an Naturopath with 20 years experience specialising in women’s health, menstrual cycle awareness and infertility, becoming a Celebration Day for Girls facilitator seemed to be a natural and great fit for me. I also have 10 years experience as a Birth Educator/Mentor, preparing couples for birth and parenting, and have trained more recently as a Dunstan Baby Language Educator.

I have been called to work with women in other settings like Women’s Circles, Mum’s groups and Blessingways, and am very excited to now be offering such a wonderful opportunity to girls and their mothers in my community. I feel honored to be able to help prepare girls for this major rite of passage in their life and bring connection, normalisation, self awareness and understanding to what can be a really positive time for both girls and their mums.

I live in the Goulburn Valley with my husband and 3 beautiful children.

Cathy Giltrap

Australia, Victoria-NSW, Regional: Albury-Wodonga

EMAIL: cathy@celebrationday.me

PHONE: 0403 166 589

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I love living in regional NSW in Albury-Wodonga. Professionally I am involved in a few areas including sustainable building design with an interest in the human element as well as many years of experience of  administration in health settings. I am managing Albury Osteopathic Clinic currently and will be taking on a care-provider role over the next few years when I become a doula.

When I looked for guidance to help my daughters through menarche and puberty, I couldn’t find anything in our local community and it was this that brought me to becoming a ‘Celebration Day for Girls’ Facilitator. I am blessed to have found this avenue to connect and guide girls and women at this magnificent time and am looking forward to meeting you and your daughter.

Jacintha Gunasekera

Australia, New South Wales, Sydney

PHONE: 0408 696 218
EMAIL: jacworldtrip@hotmail.com

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I’m so excited that you’re interested in having a Celebration Day for your daughter, school class or community group. I am a Naturopath and Certified Practitioner of the Maya Abdominal Therapies, and I specialise in the full range of women’s reproductive health – from puberty to menstrual cycle awareness, pre-conception healthcare, pregnancy and menopause. I am also an Aunty to five gorgeous girls from 3 to 17, and am pretty enthusiastic about our girls feeling good about themselves and confident in this world. I love being involved in teaching girls about the wonder of their bodies, and rewarding curiosity with knowledge. I am based in Sydney but am happy to travel to your group, please give me a call or send me an email.

I also offer Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops.

Imelda Charumati Samperi

Australia, New South Wales, Sydmey: Inner West

PHONE: 0434 673 545
EMAIL: imeldasamperi@live.com

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I have several decades experience as a meditation teacher, facilitator and yoga stretch instructor. In this time I have taught meditation and relaxation in schools and workplaces, facilitated weekend retreats and workshops for families and children, and led exploration of the feminine in workshops for women.


My day-to-day work is in finance, as Credit Controller for the Credit and Investment Ombudsman, liasing with a large team of lawyers in an external dispute resolution scheme for the financial services industry.


I’ve always been interested in child education and development especially in relation to women’s issues. I recognise puberty as an important and powerful time that is so often overlooked. As such I am excited to be offering Celebration Day for Girls in the Sydney community as I believe this Day offers positive and connected support at this significant time in a girl’s life, that will have a lasting impact on girls supporting their emerging womanhood in an easeful and harmonious way.

Melissa Hildage

Australia, New South Wales, Sydney: Inner East

PHONE: 0431 727 361
EMAIL: Melissa@bodybright.com

WEBSITE: www.bodybright.com

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I am the mother of two girls, and together as a family we enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.  My attentions have long been focused on Yoga, complementary therapies and fitness as a means to a balanced body and mind, and I’m passionate about women’s health and wellness.

Originally from a corporate background, I have been a Massage Therapist since 2006, working between London and Sydney. I have completed studies in Remedial and Sports Massage, Maya Abdominal Therapy™, Maya Spiritual Healing, Fertility Massage and Reproductive Health, Pregnancy Massage, Kahuna Massage, Yoga Teacher Training and am an Infant Massage Instructor.

During A Celebration Day for Girls I enjoy creating a safe and nurturing space where young girls can learn, share and empower themselves with the knowledge that will help them become a confident and happy young woman. This program is a wonderful way to share the wisdom of our bodies with our daughters and help maintain self love and respect at a critical stage in their development.

I was blessed with a very good relationship with my own Mother and had a very positive experience of menarche and beyond. The particular strengths I bring to this work are authenticity, love and empathy.

Cat Dowd

Australia, New South Wales, Sydney: Outer North Shore

PHONE: 0403 661 305

EMAIL: catherinedowd7@gmail.com

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Cathy Giltrap

Australia, Victoria-NSW, Regional: Albury-Wodonga

EMAIL: cathy@celebrationday.me

PHONE: 0403 166 589

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I love living in regional NSW in Albury-Wodonga. Professionally I am involved in a few areas including sustainable building design with an interest in the human element as well as many years of experience of  administration in health settings. I am managing Albury Osteopathic Clinic currently and will be taking on a care-provider role over the next few years when I become a doula.

When I looked for guidance to help my daughters through menarche and puberty, I couldn’t find anything in our local community and it was this that brought me to becoming a ‘Celebration Day for Girls’ Facilitator. I am blessed to have found this avenue to connect and guide girls and women at this magnificent time and am looking forward to meeting you and your daughter.

Gabrielle Goldklang

Australia, New South Wales, Country: Far North Coast and United States: Atlanta Georgia and grass Valley, California

PHONE: 0431 914 567
EMAIL: gabrielle@girlwisdom.net

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I am passionate about offering support and mentorship through facilitating Celebration Day for Girls and other programs specifically designed for young women to connect with themselves and each other, learn about their menstrual cycle and embrace the changes they are going through on their journey into becoming a young woman. I know from my own experience growing up that this can be a challenging and confusing time in a young girls life. As a dedicated facilitator, mentor, friend and confidant I believe that with guidance and mentorship, these pivotal years can be very enriching and empowering for girls. By being empowered, each young woman will have the ability to make wise choices based on her internal guidance system and live a joyful and meaningful life, loving herself just the way she is!

I studied Psychology at the University of Colorado and have studied Western and Eastern health modalities, with a focus and passion for nutrition and women’s health. I have been dancing all of my life and am a certified yoga teacher for kids and teens and have taught yoga in India at an orphanage. Along with being a certified facilitator of Celebration Day for Girls, I have completed the Fundamentals Teen Girl Life Coach Training with Teen Wisdom and am a certified mentor with Journey of a Young Woman. It is my intention to support and empower young women to be comfortable in their own bodies, be educated about their menstrual cycle and well being, and to live a fulfilling, impactful and meaningful life.

Julia Dendrinos

Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

PHONE: 0407 661 676

EMAIL: julia@grapevine.com.au

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“Slow down, simplify your life and attend to what matters most”.

What an amazing message to be reminded of each month as a woman who cycles. The more I have tuned into my Menstrual Cycle the more conscious I have become of its guiding wisdom. It helps me to find my equilibrium and look after myself in the midst of a busy life. Wouldn’t it be great to have this concept from the start of one’s menstrual journey?

I came to Celebration Day for Girls as my daughter approached puberty. I wanted a gentle transition with positive information. I also wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the young woman she is becoming. Celebration Day did all this and more.

Celebration Day for Girls plants a seed in each girl as to the wonder of their body. The day itself is fun, engaging and very hands on. The activities create an experience of connection and togetherness. This ‘sisterhood’ felt by the girls creates the foundation for being able to support each other. I see it as an important component in the resilience, positive body image and mental well being of our girls.

I have taught Yoga for over 20 years to children and adults from all walks of life. I am also a qualified Naturopath with a special interest in women’s health and Nutrition.

I hope to meet you and your daughter in the near future at Celebration Day.

Patricia Falcetta

Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

PHONE: 0420 973 042

EMAIL: patricia.falcetta@trinitylaw.com.au

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My work as an Education Support Specialist sees me guiding children and families through the challenges of life.   I work with both the parent and the child to achieve the best possible outcomes for the child both within an educational and family context.

Becoming a facilitator for Celebration Day for Girls has been the perfect way for me to marry my passion for supporting children to be the best that they can be and have inner confidence and a strong sense of self.

My passion is to contribute to the future generation by enabling children to possess the ability to openly exhibit true self-expression and belief in themselves.

Celebration Day for Girls provides the perfect avenue for me to able to achieve my passion.  I believe it is so important for girls becoming young women to feel empowered in their strength and self-belief.

Celebration Day for Girls provides an avenue for girls approaching their first menarche to honour, stop and reflect on this pivotal moment in their lives.  It is an experience of connection with significant females in their lives as well as with other girls their age.

I am delighted to be able to have been provided with this gift to support mothers and daughters through this “rite of passage” in a girl’s life as a Celebration day for Girls facilitator.

Fiona House

Australia, South Australia, Adelaide, Aldgate

PHONE: 0416 473 163
EMAIL: fiona@yourbodyyourtemple.com.au
WEBSITE: www.yourbodyyourtemple.com.au

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Since 2004 I have been running my own practice in various massage and bodywork modalities and am a qualified Doula (Birth Attendant). As well as using bodywork to support and nourish women though life’s many challenges, I am passionate about supporting women and girls through important times in their life and rites of passage. My bodywork practice is in Kensington Park and I host the Adelaide Hills Moon Lodge in a 7m yurt on my property in Aldgate. This is for womens’ gatherings and for Celebration Day for Girls.

Lisa Jenkins

Australia, Queensland, South East

PHONE: 0428 510 032
EMAIL: jestarmoon@gmail.com

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I have long had a fascination for natural health and wellbeing and after my initial training have been practicing as a natural therapist since 2001, working with individuals and facilitating popular workshops. My fields of practice include Clairvoyance, Reiki (master) and Flower essences and Native American inspired crafts and teachings. I enjoy providing tools to help others develop an awareness of their own wellbeing and ability to heal.

I am passionate about A Celebration Days for Girls and proud to be offering this valuable program for girls and their mothers. I love reading, making stuff, travelling and enjoying a great coffee. I also love to hang out with my husband and two children and am currently trying to master the art of gluten free cooking!

Sherilyn Palmer

Australia, Queensland, South East

PHONE: 07 5438 1142
MOBILE: 0407 650 608
EMAIL: sherilyn.palmer@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: www.theperceptivewoman.com.au

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I am a fertility nurse specialist, midwife, health counsellor and mother of two energetic boys. After becoming a teacher in natural fertility education I began The Perceptive Woman – a specialized service for women, mothers and daughters seeking a positive approach for managing their reproductive health and menstrual wellbeing.

Working with women having difficulties conceiving has become a powerful motivation for me to offer education to women, mothers, young girls and teenagers to support their journey to developing a knowledgeable and beautiful relationship with their bodies.  A Celebration Day for Girls is a just one of the many wonderful ways to achieve this and I relish the opportunity to bring awareness of this important topic to mothers and daughters in my community and beyond.

In my spare time I love to cook – mostly vegetarian and gluten free food from seasonal produce gathered from my local farmers’ markets and when time permits I enjoy capturing my kitchen creations on camera and sharing these on my blog as part of The Perceptive Woman.

I also offers Cool on the Inside workshops.

Kate Waud

Australia, Queensland, South East

PHONE: 0428 242 092
EMAIL: waudmk@bigpond.com
WEBSITE: www.girlscelebrationday.com

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I have recently moved from the South West of Western Australia to Brisbane with my amazing husband and three beautiful children (two boys and a girl). I experienced incredible home water births with all of my children, practiced attachment parenting and am now a full-time home-school mum.

I am a Naturopath and have trained with Jane Bennett as a Certified Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator.  I am also the author of ‘Welcoming Womanhood’ and ‘Girl Chat’.   Welcoming Womanhood is a great resource for girls entering adolescence – with positive and beautifully presented information about the changes of puberty and the menstrual cycle. Girl Chat provides strategies and modelling techniques for mum’s to create conversations with their girls about adolescence in a natural, easy and feminine way.

I am passionate about girls having positive education, support and celebration as they go through the wonderful stage of puberty. I love spending time with my family, trying out new things and sharing a cup of tea and good conversation with friends.

Amanda Rootsey

Australia, Queensland, Sunshine Coast

EMAIL: amanda@shinefromwithin.com.au

WEBSITE: www.shinefromwithin.com.au

PHONE: 0430035740

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I’m a life coach, youth mentor and gentle guide working with teen and tween girls through my business Shine From Within.   I’ve been teaching and presenting to teen girls since I was a teen myself and have supported hundreds of young girls since launching my holistic training school, Shine From Within, on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia in 2012.  I run week-long programs for teen and tween girls, mother-daughter retreats, school-based workshops, an online youth mentor training for adults and offer one-on-one mentoring.

I’ve got qualifications in life coaching, business, positive body image and eating disorder prevention and wellness.  I’m currently completing a Certificate in Young People’s Mental Health and Technology as well (and no doubt I’ll sign up to another course as soon as that one’s complete!).

I started Shine From Within when I realised that a new type of personal development school was needed, one that addressed modern issues that teen girls face today while retaining some of the etiquette and values of traditional deportment programs.  A school that was holistic, compassionate and nurturing.  One that combined practical classes in natural skincare, make up, style, job interview skills and money matters with classes to nourish the body and spirit such as self-worth, positive body image, yoga and nutrition.  ACDG is a beautiful addition to my other programs.

I believe it takes a village to raise a child and love being able to offer a space for girls to share and connect outside of their usual family and friends.

Amy Cook

Australia, Queensland, Toowoomba

EMAIL: amy.cook@gmail.com

PHONE: 0437 377 949

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Over the years, I have come to understand the need to have a supportive community, connecting with like-minded women, who have inspired and empowered me to step into my light and follow my passion. As a Youth Mentor I working closely with young girls with an all-consuming desire to help them achieve self-awareness and inner confidence, building connections, uplifting and supporting one another. I have a contagious enthusiasm to engage and empower young girls to discover their superpowers and use them for good in the world.

Through A Celebration Day for Girls I work to create a safe space to open conversations around what can often be an uncomfortable or difficult subject, and establish a positive approach to womanhood centred on love and support for one another. I have always been passionate about positive relationships and the importance open communication has on compassion and understanding of others.

Understanding our bodies and sharing the awe-inspiring process we go through each month has presented itself to me in a number of ways. Through recent experiences in my Youth Mentor role, I am aware of Mums having a negative focus on the difficulties of their relationship with their ‘hormonal’ daughter, while seeing no reason to celebrate the wonder of becoming a woman. I want to shift perceptions and create opportunities for Mothers and Daughters to unite and feel empowered recognising the wonderful process of menstruation, nurturing each other and surrounding one another with love.

My mum gave me my talk on Periods, Breasts and Hairy body bits. She was loving, respectful and open when she taught me. I was 10 when I got my first period and one of the first girls in my grade. I remember not all of them were very nice about it but I remember my mum explaining that not all of them had the same understanding. This was really powerful and always stuck with me, sometimes we don’t all get the same message.

All my interactions (with teachers, aunts and close girlfriends) over the years with my changing body were always really positive. Even when I was 19 years old and diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and was confused, overweight, hairy and hormonal I was shown unconditional love. It allowed me to have a positive self-image and a healthy self-esteem. I know this isn’t always the case for everybody else.

In my workshops I am known as someone who is friendly, approachable and trustworthy. I enjoy getting to know people, listening to their stories and creating respectful relationships, encouraging positivity and a sense of empowerment.

Olaia Melo

Australia, Tasmania

EMAIL: om_@live.com.au
PHONE: 0433020767

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I am a Brazilian/Australian qualified art therapist, art teacher, community artist, childbirth educator and doula and have been working in these fields for nearly 3 decades, with children and adults from all walks of life. I am also a mother of three children (born in Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney consecutively); two grown up boys and one pre-puberty girl.

I feel thrilled to have been invited to be part of this work; every girl approaching menarche deserves to have the opportunity to learn about the imminent changes in their bodies in a safe, gentle, creative, fun, nurturing, positive and celebrative way/environment, mutually supported by other girls and women. The better a girl understands how her body works, the greater her self-esteem and confidence will be as she grows into a teenager and woman. Breaking taboos and shining a positive light on what society generally sees as negative, problematic and embarrassing is needed and possible, step by step, girl by girl, period by period.
See you at the next Celebration Day for Girls! 🙂

I also offer Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops.

Anne-Marie Hoyne

Australia, Western Australia, Perth

PHONE:        0408 744 572

EMAIL:          connection@coessence.com.au

WEBSITES:  www.coessence.com.au, www.thewomenshearth.com.au

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In my early 20’s, I trained as a Youth Worker because I wanted to assist young people in the huge transition to adulthood, and what I’ve learned over the past 25 years is that becoming an adult is an ongoing process! One that requires us to develop resiliency, to seek support and to celebrate the steps we take along the way. On my own journey, I have experienced profound healing, growth and wellness through yoga, co-counselling, dance therapy, menstrual cycle awareness and radical self-care. I’m blessed with a loving husband and two beautiful children, as well as a vibrant network of extended family and friends.

I have a Diploma in Professional Coaching and currently work in private practice offering a safe, sacred and nurturing space for women who are healing and transforming their lives. Facilitating A Celebration Day for Girls is an important part of my contribution to mothers and daughters in my local community. And it’s great fun too!

I also run a business called The Women’s Hearth in partnership with Penny Champ. Together we offer Red Tent Circles, ceremonies and retreats for women of all ages and stages of life. I love this work and I’m a huge advocate for the power of community-building to make positive and sustainable personal and cultural change in our lives.

Cath Hakanson

Australia, Western Australia, Perth

PHONE: 0417 927 291
EMAIL: cath@sexedrescue.com
WEBSITE: www.sexedrescue.com

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Hi there, I’m Cath Hakanson.

I’m a nurse, midwife, clinician, educator, counsellor, therapist, consultant, researcher and author who has been working in the area of sexuality and relationships for over 20 years.

I am also the founder of Sex-Ed Rescue, where I arm parents with the tools, advice and tips to make sex education a normal part of everyday life.

Most importantly though, I am a mother. A mother who wants her daughter to grow up proud to be a woman and to see her fertility (and periods) as a blessing and not a curse.

I’m passionate about strengthening relationships between mothers and daughters. I believe that if you can talk to your daughter about menstruation that she will be able to talk to you about anything!

If you want to know more about me, you can check me out over at my website sexedrescue.com.

Hilary Crowson

Australia, Western Australia, Perth

PHONE: 0425 121 641
EMAIL: hilturn@gmail.com

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Kindelle Pillonel

Australia, Western Australia, South West

PHONE: 0424 786 759
EMAIL: info@busseltonholistic.com.au
WEBSITE: www.bussletonholistic.com.au

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Jenni Mitchell

Australia, Northern Territory

PHONE: 0466 327 108
EMAIL: inspiredbyjarrah@gmail.com

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My name is Jenni and I feel privileged to be one of the first facilitators to bring A Celebration Day for Girls to the Northern Territory.

I am a mother, social worker, nature lover, and (importantly) a woman.  I am also a small-business owner of organically home-grown tea and self-care products.  I have lived in Darwin’s Top End Tropics for 10 years with my husband and 3 young children.

In my years as a Social Worker I have worked with Indigenous families in remote communities, with families in conflict, and in the fields of: disability, mental health, traumatic loss and grief, and community development.

My interests include: writing, gardening, travelling, being in the bush, creating with nature, wildlife education, snake catching, and having adventures with my family. All my children are inspiring, but having a daughter (after two sons) propelled me deeper into my own journey of embracing what it means to be a woman.  I bring the wealth of both my personal and professional experience to this workshop, and I feel privileged to be supporting girls and their families on their journey too.

I look forward to meeting you!

Brigitte Laurent


PHONE : 33 603 837 930

EMAIL : terresdefemmes@outlook.fr

WEBSITE : www.terres-de-femmes.fr

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I began my professional life as an engineer. After having three children, I became a psychotherapist, with a specialization in clinical psychology for children and teenagers. At the same time, I worked as a trainer and a coach, for individuals and teams in the medical world.

Since 2003 I have offered adult sessions: individual and group, as well as sessions for children, teenagers, couples and families. I have created a psychotherapeutic women’s circle, Women’s Lands, and have developed workshops about puberty, menstruation, sexuality, menopause, and all the thresholds of women’s life.

As a girl I had to find my way to femininity alone. As a psychotherapist, I see the same lack of transmission and all the suffering that arises from that. Becoming a woman, being proud of being a woman, is for many a long and hard journey. Most women live their menstruation with unawareness, shame or pain. So it’s important to act before, or around the time of, menarche, to give girls a positive vision of femininity and to support the quickening of the mother/daughter relationship.

After training with Jane Bennett I am now excited to be introducing A Celebration Day for Girls to mothers and daughters in France.


Robyn Fausett

Aoteraoa/New Zealand

EMAIL: info@nestconsulting.co.nz
WEBSITE: www.nestconsulting.co.nz
PHONE: 0064 9 835 0985 / 0064 21 101 6204

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Kia ora! I live on the rugged west coast of Auckland in beautiful New Zealand.

I am a practising fertility and research nurse (RGN), an accredited educator through Natural Fertility New Zealand (NFNZ) and an EDEN trained facilitator of the ‘Nourish’ body image/media awareness programme. Through my company, Nest Consulting, I have created a range of sexuality health and well-being programmes including topics such as: puberty, body talk (body image, self esteem, body wonderment, media influences and self awareness) and the responsibilities around fertility and sexual health. Nest Consulting’s programmes are delivered in a number of schools and in addition I provide information to health care professionals (CME) and give talks at community groups. I also teach women and couples the modern and effective Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning: either for conception / fertility check or to avoid conception. My vision is ‘To enhance awareness, appreciation and knowledge of our bodies, achieving empowerment, informed choices and acceptance through education and understanding’. I have a passion for teaching and facilitation, particularly in the area of female health and am delighted to offer the opportunity of ‘A Celebration Day for Girls’ to kiwi girls and their mother/caregiver.

Angela Fraser

Aoteraoa/New Zealand - Te Ika-a-Māui + Te Waipounamu

EMAIL: angelafrasernz@gmail.com
WEBSITE: https://about.me/angelafraser
PHONE: 021 2022 792

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He mihi nui kia koe

Ko Angela ahau.  I am originally from Te Tihi-o-Maru, Timaru, and have been an Occupational Therapist for the past 10 years.  To facilitate Celebration Day for Girls is a great honour.  I am passionate about respectfully celebrating a girl’s journey into womanhood, preparing her for the next life stage and positively shaping her attitudes and beliefs about herself and her sense of connection to the world around her.  I believe this ultimately may lead her to healthier relationships and making better life choices in her teenage years.

As a Mother of four young children I appreciate the demands on our time as Mums.  It gives me all the more appreciation for those who are willing to pause and connect with their daughters at the significant life transition time of menarche.

My whanau and I travel throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand fulltime and in my spare time I enjoy walking on the beach, reading a book, and being in the company of good friends, fine coffee and much laughter.

I look forward to connecting with you to together, empower the young women of our future

Hei kona mai me ngā mihi.

Tracy Botica

Aoteraoa/New Zealand - Te Ika-a-Māui + Te Waipounamu

PHONE: 02 1224 3229

EMAIL: tracybotica@gmail.com

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I have had the privilege of working as a midwife and supporting women through the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Through this work, I see the value of women being connected to, and positive about, their feminine power.

As my own daughters approached puberty, I began to contemplate how best I could nurture them through this transition. This search lead me to A Celebration Day For Girls. One of the many things I value about this program is that as well as supporting each girl’s personal transition around menarche, it also promotes a sense of sisterhood by being a group process. When young girls are able to enter this phase with understanding, positivity and connection, things look good for them and their world.

I am currently journeying through our beautiful country with my partner and two daughters, so I am excited to be able to bring Celebration Day For Girls to different parts of New Zealand.  Please contact me to discuss whether I am able to offer a Celebration Day for Girls in your area.

Amber Taylor

Aoteraoa/New Zealand - Papamoa

Phone: 0273 888 789 or 07 5722 214
Email: amberjanine@yahoo.com

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I have worked with children for most of my adult life because they’re interesting, real and fun. Since having a daughter I’ve become more and more interested in the pressures placed on girls and women in our society. There are so many. I’m very excited and passionate about Celebration Day for Girls because it tackles these pressures in such a simple way. Empowering girls before and for puberty, and for their monthly cycles, seems to cover it all. If girls are prepared for the wonder of their entrance into womanhood (menarche) and have the words required, the ability to form the questions that they need answered and the women to ask these questions of, I believe that they are given a great start towards an empowered life.

My family (husband and daughter) and I live Papamoa. I love surfing, growing vegetables, yoga, walking, reading, surf lifesaving, the sea and spending time with my friends and family.

I originally trained in Marine Science, have been a Primary School Teacher (ten years NZ and abroad), have lead seminar style workshops and am currently a Home Educator for preschool children.

I look forward to meeting you and your daughters and sharing a wonderful Celebration Day together.

Patricia Kennedy-Lemos

Portugal, Lisbon: West Coast

PHONE: +351 964 631 670
EMAIL: patricia@circuloperfeito.com

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I am a qualified and practicing Hypnotherapist, and within this role I’m especially passionate about working with women with the Fertile Body Method, and as a Fertility Coach and Menstrual Educator.

I am very pleased to now be offering A Celebration Day for Girls in Portugal to support girls and their mothers during this very important and foundational transition.

I live in the beautiful Cascais area of Lisbon, and am inspired every day by my mother and my daughter, and the women I work with.

Noura Alfadl

United Kingdom, London and Saudia Arabia, Jeddah

PHONE: 07554872788
EMAIL: noura@noorishwellness.com

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I have been practicing yoga since 2007, and loved the feeling of space and ease that it created in my body and mind.  To deepen my own knowledge and practice of yoga, I immersed myself for two years in the Triyoga teacher training diploma and am now certified by the British Wheel of Yoga.  Having tasted the benefits of this experience, I found myself embarking on a journey into wellbeing.  My path crossed with Alexandra Pope who has profound knowledge in womens’ power and wellbeing:  she promotes self-awareness and feminine empowerment through deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle.  Her work immediately resonated with me and I was naturally drawn to everything she had to teach.  I completed her Woman’s quest 13 months course, working diligently to understand and navigate my cycle.  During this time I also trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Well-woman yoga therapy (Yoga for women’s health and vitality) and ever since my yoga practice has been influenced by her soft, feminine, and deeply nourishing approach.

As a mother of three daughters, I realize how important it is for girls to have a positive view of their changing bodies and how this view effects their health and emotional wellbeing –  the most significant event being the time of menarche (first period), a special day that marks their passage into womanhood.  To prepare for this day, I work with Jane Bennett to offer A Celebration Day for Girls for mothers and daughters to share with them the wisdom of their bodies.

Charlotte Randomly

United Kingdom, Bristol

PHONE: 0787 020 5117

EMAIL: charlotte.randomly@gmail.com

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In 2006 I began working with children and young people (stepping on to this path when I was, technically, still a ‘young person’ myself!) supporting them to reach their potential and navigate the path through adolescence. I currently work for Off the Record (Bristol), an award winning charity providing mental health services to everyone aged 11 -25. I manage a team who offer emotional and practical support to young people in crisis. In addition to that, I run an exciting peer education project called The Resilience Lab, which promotes strengths-based approaches to coping with stress to young people aged 11-18.

Growing up can be challenging and the pressures of contemporary life can gnaw at the well-being and self confidence of children and teenagers. My work is rooted in a love for encouraging young people to discover their strengths and build their resilience; nurturing them to find and use the tools to achieve the best they can in life and protect their mental and physical health.

I am an apprentice of Alexandra Pope’s Women’s Quest training. This year-long course supports women to delve deeply into the wisdom of their menstrual cycle, gently encouraging them to work with their natural rhythm rather than against it. Personally, getting in touch with this work has had huge benefits to my own well-being and it gives me great pleasure to begin sharing some of this with girls and women. I strongly believe that by inviting girls to have a more positive relationship to menstruation through A Celebration Day for Girls we give them a highly practical tool for cultivating resilience and self-care within each of them.

Emily Stewart

United Kingdom, Bristol

PHONE: 0798 971 5128

EMAIL: emilycestewart@gmail.com

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I originally trained and worked as a District nurse for 10 years. I then studied herbal medicine until my daughter was born in 2008. My focus has always been on being with people, promoting health, wellbeing and connection. Motherhood has definitely been my greatest journey yet! I am now working to set up a social enterprise offering support to girls, their parents, teachers and schools during the transitional time of menarche and beyond.

I love all that my work with girls offers. Having had significant issues with my menstrual cycle through my teens and 20s led me to look into alternative approaches. I was inspired as I explored more holistic paths and enjoyed the deepening relationship with my cycle they supported. I came to see how my lack of knowledge and understanding of my body as a young woman had contributed to my menstrual cycle problems and lack of confidence at that time. I have such a passion for being part of the change that brings a girl’s menarche and menstrual cycle back to being universally seen a positive and beautiful thing! It is a real privilege to spend time with girls at such a magical and yet often challenging time in their lives.

Running Celebration Days is something I particularly enjoy. It is the culmination of years of working with my own cycle, working with women, and my passion for supporting girls embarking on their menstrual journey. For myself, and so many women, the start of our menstrual life was not positive. A Celebration Day for Girls is one beautiful way we can ensure a positive and empowered start for our girls.

I am excited to be offering Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops now as well, as I feel these complement the Celebration Days beautifully in providing a space for Dads to explore the changing relationship with their girls.

Anna Cole

United Kingdom, Lewes

PHONE: 0794 376 4631

EMAIL: annacole.uk@gmail.com

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I began my professional life as a researcher, writer and lecturer. In 2000 I was awarded a PhD for research on the impact of the government policy of assimilation on Indigenous and non-Indigenous women in New South Wales, Australia. I have worked as a researcher on shared Indigenous and non-Indigenous histories with the Cultural Heritage Department, New South Wales government, and as Research Co-ordinator at Goldsmiths College, University of London on an international, interdisciplinary project on cross-cultural exchange. At Goldsmiths College, I wrote and taught their first historical anthropology module and have taught postcolonial and women’s literature at the University of Brighton. I have worked recently supervising a PhD student at Kings College, London. My background is in academic feminism but the issues affecting girls and women today are not academic. Programmes such as Celebration Day for Girls and Cool on the Inside have been honed over many years of best practice and thinking are transformative, and get to the heart of the issues affecting girls, their parents, carers and teachers today. My training as a cultural historian helps me place girl’s and women’s individual struggles with self-esteem, body image, boundaries and self-objectification within a wider socio-historical context.


I became a mother to a daughter in 2004 and a son in 2006 and was introduced shortly after to the work of Patty Wipfler, Founder and Programme Director at Hand in Hand Parenting. I have been deeply inspired and supported in my own parenting by this approach and in 2013, after a year-long certification programme, became a certified Parenting by Connection Instructor. I work now as a parent educator, researcher and writer, and give talks, teach classes and facilitate workshops for parents of young (newborn to 10 years), and pre-teen and teen children.


A vibrant red thread that runs through my personal and professional life is my understanding and appreciation of the wisdom of our bodies. With the menstrual cycle as a significant gateway, women and girls can connect to a vital source of inner knowing, and be empowered to heal our relationship with our bodies, minds and spirits. In my early 20s, having long suffered from painful periods and then an ovarian cyst I met Shushann Movsessian, author and co-creator of ‘Puberty Girl’ and ‘The Soulful Woman’, she in turn introduced me to Alexandra Pope, author and co-founder of The Red School. Through working with Alexandra I came to know of Jane Bennett’s writing, workshops and facilitation and have been grateful to introduce a new generation of young women here in the UK to their ground-breaking, co-authored book, The Pill. Are you sure it’s for you? In 2013 I trained in the UK with Jane Bennett as a facilitator of a Celebration Day for Girls and in 2016 Cool on the Inside. I am passionate about supporting authentic and positive experiences for girls and young women throughout the profound transition of the pre- and teen years – at their threshold into adulthood. I look forward to bringing these highly effective and empowering programmes to a school, community or neighbourhood near you.


For more information see: http://www.handinhandparenting.org/instructor/anna-cole/

Facebook: Hand in Hand Parenting, Anna Cole, UK


Jo Macdonald

United Kingdom, West Midlands

EMAIL: jo@jomacdonald.com

WEBSITE: www.jomacdonald.com

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I currently live in the West Midlands, UK with my Kiwi husband and 3 children – two attend a beautiful Steiner school and one is home-schooled.  As a busy mum myself I am passionate about helping mothers and daughters navigate the menstrual cycle, create balance and wellbeing in their life, and build a beautiful strong relationship with each other that will not only withstand the pressures of the teenage years but will actually flourish.

As a writer and published author my interest in women’s wellbeing and menstruation led me to interview Alexandra Pope and I was lucky enough to join her in her first year of her training course ‘The Womens Quest Apprenticeship’.  This was an amazing year-long journey which deepened my own understanding of my cycle and led to me creating my website www.jomacdonald.com.   Since then I have go on to train with Jane Bennett as a ‘Celebration Day for Girls’ facilitator, lead workshops on different aspects of the cycle, create and run a local women’s circle and continue my work as a writer exploring various areas of the menstrual journey.

Jayne Power

Malvern, Worcestershire

PHONE: +44(0)7900 485046
EMAIL: worcsbpchallenge@hotmail.com

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I have worked with young people for over 30 years, in all sectors, public, private and voluntary, in alternative and informal education and in the roles of youth worker, mentor, trainer and welfare officer. My passion as a voluntary leader for girls and young women providing opportunities for them to reach their potential, and has led to facilitating groups for women of all ages to gain empowerment through their own journeys of self-development. I have a BA (Hons) in Youth and Community Services and have trained in Aromatherapy, Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Women Quest Apprenticeship, Reiki and Moon Mother – Womb Blessings with Miranda Gray and I am a mother of a 21 year-old daughter.

Dawn Bates Wilding

United Kingdom, Hove, East Sussex

PHONE: 07792019861

EMAIL: dawnwilding@hotmail.com

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I am an art psychotherapist, ( M.A Art Psychotherapy), and have worked with children and young people for the last 7 years in state schools in Brighton and Hove. I am also a practicing artist, art educator, ( P.G.C.E secondary art & Design), and am a trained Doula, ( Conscious Birthing) and holistic therapist, ( ITEC massage therapy).  Additionally I have worked since 1995 with vulnerable people of all ages in community care and mental health settings as a support worker.

I am a mother to a young daughter, love to dance and create sacred space and ceremonies. I am passionately committed to working specifically with young girls and women and have been involved with women’s circles since 1998. I have recently become involved with co-facilitating the local Red Tent meetings and am currently writing workshops to support women in various stages of their lives. I trained with Jane Bennett last year and strongly believe it is every girls right to be lovingly supported and gently empowered through her experience of menarche. This special time can offer such positive potential in shaping how a girl will see and experience herself in her life, and in the choices she will later make for her wellbeing, relationships and career as a young woman. I am deeply committed to supporting and guiding girls and mothers during the warm and intimate Girls Celebration Day.

Gillian Kelly

Dublin, Ireland

PHONE: 0874134664

EMAIL: gillian.kelly@gmail.com

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I have been working with girls aged 10-12 for the past 10 years in a number of roles including teacher, counsellor, activity leader and therapeutic recreation facilitator. I am a primary school teacher with a degree in Psychology and a certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Reiki.

Through my work, I see first hand how many girls lose their spark, vitality and confidence entering puberty and how vital it is for them to experience the changes they are going through as a normal and wonderful transition rather than something to be ashamed of.   It is so refreshing for them to have any questions and fears addressed and answered in an open way and to discuss their feelings and anxieties freely. The difference that this can have on their sense of self and self-esteem is phenomenal.

I have been delighted to see how the Celebration Day for Girls offers the opportunity to open communication between mothers and daughters and strengthen their relationship at this crucial point in a girl’s life.

Laura Tonello


EMAIL: latonello@gmail.com

PHONE: +39 348 9212552

WEBSITE: www.acquacheballa.it

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Laura Tonello is a translator and a womb yoga instructor with a degree in theology and a diploma in sex education. She is mother to three sons, and lives in the north of her native Italy. Currently she works in collaboration with the “L’Acqua che Balla” (Dancing Water) Association in Trento (www.acquacheballa.it).

In addition to her work, Laura organises and manages regular seminars and events on self-empowerment for women, promoting self-awareness through deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle as well as leading weekly classes in pregnancy yoga.

Laura trained as a pregnancy yoga teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. In collaboration with Jane Bennett, Laura completed her program for mothers and daughters on the passage into puberty marked by the onset of menstruation (menarche): A Celebration Day for Girls. Laura was also one of the first intake of women to complete Alexandra Pope’s pioneering  “Women’s Quest, Women’s Leadership Apprenticeship Training”, a programme of feminine empowerment through awareness of the menstrual cycle.

Laura has also created a nine-month program called “Cerchio Rosso” (Red Circle), which she runs regularly in Italy to promote the practice of the female cyclic nature based on the awareness of the menstrual cycle.

Throughout her career, Laura has continued to deepen her understanding and practice of yoga, meditation and psychotherapy. This has led her to offer regular classes of Womb Yoga for women, Celebration Day for Girls workshops with mothers and daughters and the Menarche Ritual as one-day workshop for women.

Belinda Garcia Reyes


PH: 55 22 77 38 41
EMAIL: belinda.garciareyes@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.miperiodoalnatural.com

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I am from Mexico City and have lived for 14 years in the United Kingdom, graduating there with a BA as an Interpreter and Translator in 2001.

Since I was 16 years old I had terrible menstrual cramps, to a point of being hospitalised and put on strong painkillers. This experience led to researching the menstrual cycle over many years. In 2006 I began studying at the London Tao Center with Kris Deva, Uma Demontis and Saida Desilets and others.

I have also studied to be a Health Sex Educator and have based my teaching on Taoist practices.

I am a Menstrual Educator – I graduated from the Womens Quest Apprentieship programme with Alexandra Pope in May 2010. In 2011 I learnt the Womb Blessing practice from Miranda Gray, author of Red Moon, and had the great privilege of studying Fertility Awareness and completing the Facilitators Training for A Celebration Day for Girls with Jane Bennett, before returning to Mexico in late 2012.

While I was in England I started a project in 2008 called Mi Periodo al Natural or My period au naturel, as a blog initially, where I offered menstrual products in Mexico and shared my journey and findings with Mexican women. As a website and blog now this has become massively popular in Latin America, and also has an international audience. Since 2008 I have seen many things change in Latin America with regard to the subject of menstruation – many new blogs have emerged and natural products being offered. I feel women in Latin America are waking up to and are hungry for this knowledge.

My passion has always been to be able to share this topic with women from all ages but specially with young girls, as I feel that when we work with young people they have a better opportunity of growing up without less twisted ideas about their bodies and their blood.

I have been back in Mexico since the beginning of 2013 and I now offer a variety of workshops for Mexican women of all ages on the subjects of sexuality, menstruation, menarche, spirituality and anything that empowers women to be at peace with their beautiful female essence, including, of course, A Celebration Day for Girls. I am available to travel to facilitate a Celebration Day for Girls throughout the Americas.

Dolores Rubio-Turtle

Spain, US

PH: USA +1 734 233 46 32 Spain +34 950 13 57 00

EMAIL: dolores@orethic.com / dolores@bebesecologicos.com

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I was born in the hottest province of Spain, Almería. Over the years I lived in the UK, China and now I live with my husband and two children in a great co-housing community in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Due to the early death of my father, my mother raised her five children by running small family business from home where she made clothes and taught young girls the art of sewing. I worked there too from an early age but by the end of the summer I looked forward to September for a break!

As a child I loved reading and learning and not miss an opportunity to meet foreigners and practice other languages. It was a great chance to open my mind and meet with adventure! Never shy, making mistakes did not worry me since I was making friends too!

I went to University in Murcia and studied Spanish Language and Literature, while doing French and English and selling clothes to pay for my education. I did not go into teaching then since I could not face the lack of interest for learning in teenagers.

So, I followed my passion for color and creativity and went to study Fashion Design and Pattern making in Barcelona, a great centre of where I had started my sales career when I was only 8 years old! But that is another story…

A few years later I taught in Madrid before leaving for the UK in 1994. My objective was to improve my English, become a translator and help children, but the six-month trip extended to 14 years, simply because I felt at home in London.

This cosmopolitan city had everything I wanted: plenty of learning opportunities -Master in Applied Linguistics at the University of London-; spiritual search and growth -volunteer for Share International-; great mixture of cultures -translated Education in Human Values for an India based charity- ; volunteered for UNICEF, and taught in middle schools and colleges; Spanish teacher and translator at the University of Westminster and put voice over of the documentary Water of Life…

For more adventure, I joined Voluntary Service Overseas, VSO, as an English teacher and went to Anshun Teachers College, Guizhou (China) in 1999. As soon as I arrived by depressed students inspired me to start the project CHILD TO CHILD. The idea was to donate English reading books to children in poor schools in the countryside. This would not only teach our kids to share with others, but hopefully would keep the enthusiasm to learn English in my students´s pupils. Poverty forces dropping off school after just six months.

I ended up importing more than 6000 books, setting up 11 mini-libraries in poor villages, and sponsoring 65 students by paying for their school fees. I am grateful to all the Chinese friends I made and the warmth of the culture that would later on bring to our lives my lovely daughter Gui Xian, Cassia

Two years later, I was to embark in motherhood and had to take up an activity that allow me to homeschool my children. So, as a committed environmentalist and member of Women and Environmental Network (WEN), I could not help but to set up Bebés Ecológicos S.L. in Spain in order to educate the public about the dangers for the planet and our health when using conventional disposable products such as diapers and pads.

After almost 14 years and many articles and interviews in the media, I can now say that most people in Spain have heard of washable products as an alternative to one-use ones. My encouragement to parents to approach a natural way of bringing up their kids and set up work around their education, all has resulted in many small business selling similar products and saving a lot of trees for the planet!! I am proud to see that I got them thinking and moving!!

After living in USA for the last five years, my life comes back to teaching Celebration Day for Girls!! It has always fascinated me the face and eyes of young girls and women when I show Orethic pads and talk with them about the power that we all share as women and how much we benefit from a conscious femininity. That longing in their eyes meet my desire to help in their journey.

I have always being fascinated by the color red. I identified it with passion, life and visibility!

I firmly believe that all women are sisters and could do with support from one another, our daughters will be the mothers of future men who will hopefully understand women better and will respect them without having to think about it. By doing this work we are contributing to a better future for everyone, this is why I join the team with passion and enthusiasm!!

Victoria Jones

United States, Iowa, New Virginia

PHONE: (515) 4947497

EMAIL: victoria_jones91@hotmail.com

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I graduated from Simpson College with a degree in Multimedia Journalism and minored in English and Women and Gender Studies (I minored in the latter simply because there wasn’t an option to major in it).

Journalism helped feed my hunger for knowledge – you’re taught to dig and find the truth, not just what’s handed to you. A value I realize I had already grew up with thanks to my mother.

English was a natural choice as well, being that anytime I want to learn something new I turn to books and gobble up as many on the subject as I can get my hands on. I also knew that someday I want to put my knowledge and experiences in writing to share with others.

My journey towards my passion surrounding the menstrual cycle didn’t just happen with an a-ha moment.

It was a slow process at first, beginning with two years before I really took any steps forward. There was a time when I came to a realization there was something off between my body and my mind. I didn’t feel like myself, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

However, I innately knew the direction to head.

I started heavily researching the effects hormonal birth control had had on my body. What I discovered was that I knew almost nothing about my body or how it worked. I knew I wasn’t alone. The deeper I got into my research the more I wanted to share this knowledge with the women around me, young and old, as well as the young girls who hadn’t reached puberty yet.

My desire to share was met with the question, “Well, what do I do with this information? How am I going to connect with these women and young girls?”

It was around this time that I reached out to Jane Bennett and Alexandra Pope, authors of “The Pill: Are You Sure It’s Right For You?” While talking to them I learned that Jane had created Celebration Day for Girls nearly 15 years ago. My first thought was, “This should be in the U.S.” and so I made it my goal to bring it here.

I am from small-town Iowa and currently live in the amazing downtown of Des Moines, Iowa. I, however, have a serious itch to scratch when it comes to traveling, and so when the opportunity to travel to England to meet Jane and to be trained to facilitate this program came about I jumped.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your daughter.